Aug 072017

Joe Manning has been attending daily Mass at St. Rita’s Catholic Church for the last ten months. He has not missed a day and while being quiet and attentive, has been ostracized by other daily Mass attenders. He has been wanting to get more involved in parish life, but is turned away.

A fellow parishioner, who wishes to be anonymous, told us. “While Joe seems to be a nice enough guy, there is just something off about him. Mostly we find his lack of a ”I Believe“ bumper sticker disturbing. We have them available for free on a chair at the back of the chapel. So what goes? Considering that every other daily Mass attendee has this sticker, he really sticks out.”

Another anonymous parishioner expressed similar thoughts. “Maybe it would be of no notice if he perhaps had a pro-life, Rosary, or other bumper sticker. But when it was noticed he didn’t even have a Rosary hanging on his mirror, we knew something was seriously wrong. I can’t fault his behavior at Mass, but if he really loved Jesus in the Eucharist then where is his ”I Believe“ sticker?”

  4 Responses to “Daily Mass goer shunned for lack of “I Believe” sticker”

  1. WWJD?
    I suspect Jesus would not have used bumper stickers.
    Niether would Joesph & Mary 😉

  2. I know this is a parody, but of what?

  3. Maybe Joe has already picked up the free sticker on the chair at the back of the chapel but at this time, he’s just not too sure where he should stick “IT!”

  4. Joe decided to stick it inside his soul to show his love and belief of “IT!:.

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