Apr 282017

This is happens when you don’t know what aspergillum means.

The ceremony took place before a bunch of asparagus was taken to the European Parliament as a thank you for granting it protected status

Worcester Cathedral has hit back at criticism over a service that included a man dressed up as a spear of asparagus.

A packed congregation on St George’s Day saw asparagus from Evesham receive a blessing to mark the start of the British Asparagus Festival.

Gus the Asparagus Man was part of the procession- dressed in a giant green asparagus costume.

Pressure group Christian Concern said the scenes in the Cathedral “made a mockery of Christian worship”.

A post written on the Archbishop Cranmer blog site continued the criticism: “Why only adoration of asparagus? Where’s the sprout liturgy, or equality for mushrooms?”.

However, Canon Precentor of Worcester Cathedral, Reverend Michael Brierley, said in response: “I think the inclusion of the figure added a bit of colour”. Source

Well the colour green to be specific.

The jokes write themselves.

  • Lettuce pray.
  • Did the Aparagus Man receive a celery, or was it part time?
  • Did they sing A-Maize-ing Grace?
  • What are you giving up for Lentil?
  • Peas be with you.

Gus the Asparagus Man was part of the St George’s Day service at Worcester Cathedral.

  3 Responses to “Asparagus blessing at Worcester Cathedral causes row”

  1. With a beer in hand, I must ask, what’s wrong these days with a little “Color” in church? lol.

    God Bless

  2. Peace ‘stead of peas be with you Vic and Jeff.

  3. Our worship brings about emotional freedom so we learn to laugh, cry and a lot more. When we gather worship will bring us to laughter together, cry, and join forces to stand against those things we have to oppose.
    So, vegetable Sunday? Yes, let us laugh together for beneath the surface there are real issues for so many. To get serious, we often have to begin by laughing, blowing the froth off the beer so to say, then we can get down to what is underneath.

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