Feb 152013

A week after Cardinal Timothy Dolan, the president of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, stated that the Obama administration’s most recent “compromise” on the HHS mandate fails to preserve the religious liberty of Catholic individuals and Catholic institutions, the president of the Catholic Health Association (CHA) stated that the proposal represents “substantial progress.” (source)

So what progress did the compromised-compromise make relating to Catholic hospitals? Well the new rules make absolutely zero changes regarding Catholic hospitals. The changes made some clarifications regarding entities run directly from a “house of worship”. So for an organization that is suppose to represent Catholic healthcare says there is “substantial progress” when there is zero progress relating to what they lobby for.

Although this is SOP for the CHA.

Throughout this sometimes challenging period, CHA has remained in constant dialogue with the leadership of the Unites States Conference of Catholic Bishops, individual Bishops who had concerns and suggestions and the Administration. We believe that our commitment to dialogue to an acceptable solution is matched by all parties and we are committed to completing resolution of this issue. (source)

Yes that “constant dialogue” with the USCCB has born so much fruit in that they have opposite characterizations of the changes made. This is the same tactic of all dissident style organizations in that “constant dialogue” means absolutely nothing.

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  1. (((This is the same tactic of all dissident style organizations in that “constant dialogue” means absolutely nothing.)))

    There ya go again Jeff, nit picking just like Victor! Are ya sure that you’re not just paranoid and have somethings against U>S gods? Remember these Nit gods http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R0F426bKEzA&feature=pyv&ad=20403355963&kw=nits will only put UP with so many insults before they bring out their imaginary spiritual friends in a backword row NIT if ya get our drift? Come on Jeff stop listening to Victor so called 7% imaginary “Jesus” GOD cause the next thing we’ll hear is that you’re also thinking of protecting that silly tradition of http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HdUcU4DF9qw …… Come on Jeff, ya better stop “IT” cause your Fr………

    YOU STOP “IT” sinner vic and leave U>S (usual sinners) to correct our own problem cause this is our “World”! Is “IT” NOT NOW?


    Hey Victor! Did ya ever think of becoming a politician? 🙂


  2. dialogue (n.) early 13c., “literary work consisting of a conversation between two or more persons,” from Old French dialoge, from Latin dialogus, from Greek dialogos “conversation, dialogue”

    The key being “logos”, which the CHA sadly has abandoned….

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  4. How about this for some dialogue:

    While Cardinal Dolan and Archpishop Lori have sounded the alarm on the immorality of keeping our old health insurance under the new system, Pope Benedict XVI has given us two very good options: (1) Collaborate with one of the three Protestant health-sharing minsitries, or (2) Form our own “parish-based minsitries.”


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