May 082013

Hilary Towers writing at NRO:

Once upon a time in this country, moral integrity, emotional (and even spiritual) maturity, and a servant’s heart were considered important characteristics of public leaders. In Mark Sanford we find a case study in how far removed we’re becoming from that standard. When did abandoning one’s spouse and children for an extramarital affair become compatible with conservativism? [sic] Apologies are meaningless when they are followed by more of the same. Sanford describes himself as “one imperfect man saved by God’s grace.” But the problem with this win (and here is who South Carolina voters could have elected if they had put values first) isn’t that Sanford isn’t perfect. Marriage is hard, and every spouse has virtues and vices — defects of character with which they will struggle throughout their married lives. But marriages don’t “fall apart” as a result of falling in love with another person; they are all too often destroyed from within by a self-love that transcends marital bonds and spills over into every aspect of one’s existence. It is time for conservatives to publicly recognize the widespread phenomenon of spousal abandonment, and the system of “family law” that supports it, for what they both are — a national scandal.

Among other things, this election result is a searing reminder that we have, as a nation, lost touch with what “redemption” really means — with the true power of God’s grace, which is the power to transform behavior. And behavior, after all, is a reflection of the heart. How much longer can conservative stewards of family values turn a blind eye to the very narcissistic lifestyle choices of our leaders that we are fighting so hard to weaken (and ultimately transform) in society at large?

If repentance means marrying the women you committed adultery with, you’re doing it wrong.

If only this was contained to the “narcissistic lifestyle choices of our leaders.” The reason this pasts muster in the first place is that divorce and “remarriage” has become so accepted. Hard to hold politicians to a standard when the standard behavior of so many is exactly the same thing.

I heard callers on the Laura Ingraham show who were not concerned at all about his behavior because he votes the right way. The same as for the defense of President Clinton on the other side. The excuse always is that the other candidate will be worse for the country. Yet this never explains how seriously morally compromised candidates get nominated in the first place instead as if they were the only option.

  2 Responses to “Sanford’s Win, a Loss for Conservatives”

  1. (((Or do they place less stock in the value of fidelity (it’s just sex, who cares?).)))

    I hate to say “IT” Jeff but long story short a LOT of people believe just that and “I” don’t even need to sup on any blog comments cause “I’M” sure that you’ve seen many yourself NOW!

    As far as Victor is concerned, his so called 2 per sent age cells of that “soul and Jesus” have nothing to brag about cause “I” recall when he worked at an hotel in the early seventies, having sex with “ONE” of our beautiful wo man that we sent his way NOW. True that he asked HIS GOD for forgiveness and spent 3 months, “I” mean “ONE” month that he remembers so don’t tell him NOW! Anyway just because he paid for “IT” and later told his wife what he did, we gods should not take “IT” lightly cause as YA probably know, he’s got WAY too big of an Egor, “I” mean Ego and his Two per sent age cells should be crucified before they learn how to destroy this world NOW and…..

    End YA say sinner vic?

    Be nice Victor! Don’t be like that cause we’re not finished yet!

    Sorry guys! Who am i to tell you guys and feminine 98% cells of this flesh what to do so go ahead and finish NOW!


    As we were about to say folks, Angels do exist and as a matter of spiritual, reality fact, butt don’t tell any human body but we godly cells have heard from “ONE” of his “Jesus” cells that HIS FATHER actually did send an ANGEL to help HIS SON before HE was crucified but long story short, after humanity who lived backward back then got through dividing their invisible cells there was nothing left but “THE RIGHT AND LEFT WINGS” and longer story short, “Jesus” told HIS FATHER in so many words to forgive them cause they didn’t really know what they were doing NOW and…..

    End YA say again sinner vic? Enough is Enough NOW!

    Go Figure! 🙂


  2. Forgive “ME”, “ME” and “ME” and although myself and I have also read most of this, we just don’t know what to suggest in order to help this generation NOW!

    Very funny sinner vic! 🙁

    Go Figure! 🙂


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