Dec 082012

Pope Benedict XVI Takes Delivery of New Popemobile

It is really quite fun to say “Mercedez-Benz M class popemobile.” Popemobiles are just plain fun and proves the perfection of Catholicism. There are no DalaiLamamobiles ar ArchbishopofCanteburymobiles.

Obviously the “M” in “M class” stands for Magisterium.

I do wonder if it has “soft Corinthian leather” in it’s interior. Or should that be St. Paul’s leather to the Corinthians? Though maybe this joke needs context for those unaware of the Cordova commercials in the 70’s. At least there is a Catholic connection as Ricardo Montalban was the spokesman.

Not surprisingly, Daimler did not go into detail as to what exactly the vehicle’s security features included, but you can bet it has similar features to those found in the Mercedes-Benz Guard Models.

Hmm it would be cool if the popemobile got James Bond car features installed by Q.

  7 Responses to “Mercedez-Benz M class popemobile”

  1. Now you got me thinking of the Dalai Lama’s personal llama 🙂

  2. I still say the sedia gestatoria would be the best Popemobile.

  3. (((Now you got me thinking of the Dalai Lama’s personal llama)))

    Hey Panda Rosa! That reminds me that not even The Archbishp of Canterbury has his own so called Popemobile? 🙂

    sinner vic STOP “it” RIGHT NOW!? YA HAVE NO RIGHT TO MAKE FUN OF his holiness and the likes.

    Come on LIGHTEN UP VICTOR! THEY MAKE FUN OF The U.S.A President don’t they NOW?

    I hear ya Panda Rosa! “I’M” really worried about ya Victor! Are ya sure that you’ve taken your medication today NOW? 🙁

    I hear ya folks! If only “IT” was as simple as “IT” was back when?

    Back When Victor?


  4. The best I’ve seen the Popemobile was during Pope Benedict’s visit to Mexico and it was just *speeding* down the road — very cool! I’ve never seen it go so fast!

    His whole trip was shown live on TV and that nightdrive lasted for a *long* time. So all that time, all you saw was the Holy Father waving and blessing, the speeding Popemobile, and miles and miles and miles of people standing in line cheering as he passed by.

    I remember thinking, it’s not often you see that on television. I mean, think about it, an old man being driven down the road, doesn’t make for “exciting” television. Great visit, great memories!

  5. Of note is that fact that Montalban made up the “cornthian” part when he made the first Cordoba commercial. He told the director that he thought “rich leather” didn’t sound exotic enough, and they loved it.

  6. Naw, naw, ya got it all wrong… it’s not “soft” Corinthian leather, it’s “Rrrrrrrich Corrrinthian Leatherrr,” spoken in the dulcet tones of Rrrrricardo Montalban. 😉

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