Dec 092012

Weekly Benedict

This is the 41st volume of The Weekly Benedict ebook which is a compilation of the Holy Father’s writings, speeches, etc which I post at Jimmy Akin’s The Weekly Benedict. The post at Jimmy Akin’s site contains a link to each document on the Vatican’s site and does not require an e-reader to use.

This volume covers material released during the last week for 23 November, 2012 – 3 December 2012.

The ebook contains a table of contents and the material is arranged in sections such as Angelus, Speeches, etc in date order. The full index is listed on Jimmy’s site.

The Weekly Benedict – Volume 41 – ePub (supports most readers)

The Weekly Benedict – Volume 41 – Kindle

There is an archive for all of The Weekly Benedict eBook volumes.  This page is available via the header of this blog or from here.

  2 Responses to “The Weekly Benedict eBook – Volume 41”

  1. Jeff! I don’t care what sinner vic says cause as far as “I’M” concerned Jimmy and the rest of “The Lord’s family of believers” are doing a great JOB during this year of “Faith” that “His Holiness” has started.

    STOP “IT” RIGHT THERE VICTOR! “I” don’t care what you and your so called 7% Jesus Cells do butt ya must stop trying to con vic, our “ONE” % soul cells who is butt a child. We gods with the help of our alien super god friends want ya to mind your own business. Leave all of our 92% spiritual reality “be leave her” who still know that all of U>S (usual sinners) are number “ONE” and ya are “NOTHING” butt a spec of our universe.

    GIVE “IT” UP sinner vic, cause “ONE” of GOD (Good Old Dad) INFINITE CELL told The French in me, myself and i to stop teasing if ya know what’s good for ya? 🙁

    Go Figure! 🙂


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