Oct 072012

Weekly Benedict

This is the 33rd volume of The Weekly Benedict ebook which is a compilation of the Holy Father’s writings, speeches, etc which I pull from Jimmy Akin’s The Weekly Benedict. This volume covers material released during the last week for 20 September, 2012 – 7 October 2012.

The ebook contains a table of contents and the material is arranged in sections such as Angelus, Speeches, etc in date order. The full index is listed on Jimmy’s site.

The Weekly Benedict – Volume 33 – ePub (supports most readers)

The Weekly Benedict – Volume 33 – Kindle

There is an archive for all of The Weekly Benedict eBook volumes.  This page is available via the header of this blog or from here.

  One Response to “The Weekly Benedict eBook – Volume 33”

  1. Victor! Why don’t you ever read and/or comment here on some of the material that His Excellency has written butt don’t start thinking for a split spiritual reality second that your so called 7% spiritual reality imaginary “Jesus Cells” are more powerful than our 92% ownership of alien gods?

    Come on silly imaginary sinner vic, there’s more than “ONE” way to tell humans about “The Bride of Christ” butt if you’re seriously interested in following His Holiness, than be sure to “whisper as loudly as possible” and let all your spiritual reality imaginary human friends know with sincerety about the Secret Information Club that some Angels have approved of and alien gods are still waiting for U>S (usual sinners) to see and go toward “The Light.

    I hear ya Victor! Every “TIME” some “ONE” says with a sincere heart “Thank YOU GOD (Good Old Dad) then every time a bell is heard, UNBORN Children Angel of GOD receive his and/or her wings.

    Happy Canadian ThanksGiving to all

    GO FIGURE! 🙂



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