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I was looking through Florida statutes and I discovered that those who impersonate police officers, sheriffs, government officials, etc have committed a felony and the circumstances determines if it is first, second, or third degree.  Sentencing for this can be 30, 15, or 5 years with longer sentencing for a life felony.  These crimes are covered under statues 775.082, s. 775.083, here in Florida.

Looking over some other offenses I was shocked to find that unlawful sexual activity with minors while also a felony came under the exact same statues in regard to punishment!  Or the fact that aggravated assault or battery is also a felony along with child sexual abuse and rape.

I tell you I am totally shocked that Florida law equates child sexual abuse with impersonation of a government official.   Unbelievable.  How dare they equate these two crimes as both felonies.  I urge everybody who is a resident of the state of Florida to write their state senate and state congress to have this changed.  Even more disturbing is that it seems that this is not just a fluke for the State of Florida, but seems to have infected all states in that they see this impersonation a felony just like child sexual abuse.

The conclusion to think that each state considers impersonation of a government official to be equated with child sexual abuse is a reasonable conclusion if you have the same mindset of those who freaked out over the revised norms (Normae de Gravioribus Delictis) issued by the Holy See that codify seven modifications originally made by Pope John Paul II and confirmed by Pope Benedict in 2005.  The conclusion of so many bigoted and uninformed pundits is that the Holy See is deliberating equating child sexual abuse with the attempted ordination of women.  No other conclusion is possible for them.

The case can be made that including women’s ordination in this document was not a prudent thing to do.  Though the only reason that it was not prudent was that people would willfully misinterpret it and approach it from an adversarial view.  It does not matter to them that the gravity of the items listed did not change at all and only restates these offenses and their application to the law.  The simple fact is that they don’t understand why women can’t be ordained and so are mad about this in the first place and will use any opportunity to rant about this regardless of the conclusions they must force to come to.  If you say that it reasonable to infer that the intent of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith to directly  equate women’s ordination as being exactly equal in every way with priestly abuse of children than you in fact are not being reasonable.

Plus of course they do not understand why women attempting to be ordained constitute such a serious crime in Church law.  If somebody decides that they are called to be a doctor or a county sheriff and then have some group declare them to be of such a profession and to start doing these jobs of their own volition, pretty much anybody can see why they are not in fact a doctor or government official regardless of their desire.  Both the government and doctors have stringent procedures regarding these professions and control them.  The Catholic Church also has rules and procedures concerning the priesthood and have the faculty to determine the theology of the priesthood and who can be a priest.  But of course secularists seem to think they can dictate this to us and make no attempt to understand the theology of the priesthood and instead head straight for a false view of equality.

These women who are faux priests do serious damage to those who follow them and of course to themselves.  Where there are women “priests” there is no Eucharist, confession, sacrament of the sick, or valid marriage.  To support women priests is to rob the faithful of these sacraments and to create a spirituality anchored in disobedience.

Funny how the same people who would go postal if a white actor played Othello can think of no reasons whatsoever why women can’t image Christ In Persona Christi.  They would reduce Christ to a genderless being and his being a man meaning nothing at all.  This as always is the path of heresies that grow from see Jesus as something other than fully God and fully man (as a human person) and as a man.

Though the bigots will just not get passed that their can be a theology of the priesthood that is not just simply sexism imposed by a an all male hierarchy.

For those who seriously want to know why the Church teaches what was Christ’s will.

Catholic Priesthood and Women: A Guide To The Teaching Of The Church by Sr. Sara Butler, MSBT which I previously reviewed. In 1978, Sr. Butler headed a task force of the Catholic Theological Society of America that came out in support of female priests. Later though she realized the error of the arguments made and wrote this book that rebuts them and totally supports the Church’s teaching.

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  1. I heard Joan Lewis, EWTN’s ever-present Vatican reporter, on the radio today saying the Vatican would have been slammed no matter what and, furthermore, when the document was released they started the presser with “we know what you’re going to say, so…” and they tried to explain it.

  2. Thanks Jeff – I needed this!

  3. Good for Sr.Butler, but how many souls did she lead “down the primrose path” before she recanted. Oh well, never mind!

  4. Things That Can Send You To Hell are, rather by definition, equivalent.

  5. Brought to you by the same folks who can’t possible imagine that missing Mass on a Sunday or HDO is also a serious sin.

  6. Lawrence Olivier played Othello. In blackface, no less.

  7. If a drug company manufactured a pill without adding the active ingredient, and sold these pills to patients who depended on them, that would be a serious crime. Likewise, if a bishop “ordained” a woman, the sacraments would be useless and ineffective. And that would likewise be a serious crime becasue grace would be missing.
    Jeff, there has to be a parody in there somewhere. I’m seeing a bottle of pills with Sister Joan Chissiter on the label.

  8. The state of Florida is not trying to say that impersonating a police officer is morally equivalent to rape. The two offenses just happen to have similar punishments attached to them. When deciding the proper punishment for a crime, the heinousness of the crime is not the only thing considered. Other factors, especially the deterrent value of the punishment go into deciding potential sentences.

  9. Yes, Pat B. I think that was thepoint of the comaprison.

  10. “the point” of the “comparison” (late afternoon typing).

  11. Whoops. Next time I’ll read through the whole piece before commenting.

  12. […] to portray things in the worst light possible is nothing new for opponents of the Church. Not that long ago when the revised norms (Normae de Gravioribus Delictis) issued by the Holy See included women’s ordination. […]

  13. […] to portray things in the worst light possible is nothing new for opponents of the Church. Not that long ago when the revised norms (Normae de Gravioribus Delictis) issued by the Holy See included women’s ordination. […]

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