Aug 152017

In related logic Darth Vader is on pace to virtually eliminate disease on Alderaan.

This CBS News promo tweet is just so vile “Iceland is on pace to virtually eliminate Down syndrome through abortion.” – learn more about the Culture of Death tonight at 10pm E.T. Nice teaser.

The worst part is that the stealthy modern eugenics movement is advancing with little outcry. The majority of children diagnosed with Down syndrome by a screening test are being aborted. Estimates in the United States that this happens 67% percent of the time with higher estimates in Europe. The American eugenics movement of the 20s through the 40s was quite rampant and it was mostly the horrors of the aftermath from Nazi Germany that for the time stopped the movement. Yet Germany took their lessons from us.

It seems there is a lot of errors from the past rearing their ugly heads. It is all so sickening.

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