Jul 172017

I always look forward to new books by Trent Horn. I so enjoy his engaging and winsome writing style. There is intellectual heft behind his arguments presented in a challenging, but non-combative style. His latest is Why We’re Catholic: Our Reasons for Faith, Hope, and Love.

He starts by discussing objective truth and defining terms regarding truth claims. While the discussion is around the self-refuting claims of moral relativism, he doesn’t use that term. The next chapter deals with “Why we believe in Science” and the problems of scientism. Since the Church vs. Science is such a commonly mistaken view it is important to address this early one.

The chapters go on to build on the existence of God and answering objections regarding Jesus and other common topics regarding the Church. All the chapters are fairly short, but packed with information. Throughout he is careful to define terms.

So overall a very good book as an introduction to various apologetics topics that can be used to shore up your own knowledge or given to someone who has questions.

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