Jul 112017

I used to complain about the disparity regarding reporting on the Church. Reporting by people who had no idea what they were writing about. Now all reporting is equally as bad on pretty much every subject.

The latest silliness is Why does the Church hate those with celiac disease.

So what happened that all of a sudden Pope Francis banned gluten-free Communion hosts? Why of course nothing has changed and this is not new information.

I guess it is hard to get click-bait headlines saying “The Catholic Church continues to teach what it had already been teaching.”

So why exactly the rash of new stories? Cardinal Sarah of the _Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments" issued a circular letter to bishops on the bread and wine for the Eucharist.

A rather short letter reminding bishops to be careful on their sources for hosts and wine used for the Eucharistic Sacrament and that they are valid matter. You just can’t go to the local Trader Joe’s for supplies, which has been done.

Time Magazine wrote:

The ban comes from a letter to Catholic bishops worldwide, published by Vatican Radio.

Wow, didn’t know Vatican Radio was now the official publisher of text for the CDW. Tell me more.

As usual, Get Religion provides good coverage.

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  1. And, as usual, it is non-Catholics reporting this. Somebody please explain to me why the internal workings of the Catholic Church are any of their business?

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