Sep 182014

With the rumor that Pope Francis plans to remove Cardinal Raymond Burke from head of the Apostolic Signatura and and given a non-curial assignment as patron of the Order of Malta traditionalist are up-in-arms. Feeling that no doubt this outspoken cardinal is being punished for his support of the Traditional Latin Mass. Rod Traud the blogger at Novus Ordo Crimes posted:

The only possible explanation of this action is that it is just another spit-in-the-eye at โ€œself-absorbed promethean neopelagianism.โ€ The Pope is a darling of the media because he is willing to throw traditionalist under the bus and abandon Mother Church for popular acclaim.

Instead of just sitting back and watching the purge of the Church of good people like Cardinal Burke we need to take action and to let our displeasure known. We can not just continually be kicked to the curb while the wildest liturgical abuses get no attention at all.

So this Sunday on the Twenty-Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time I strongly urge that all those who love the liturgy and the faith go to a Novus Ordo Mass in your diocese and protest this action by wearing a dark hood with only the eyes cut out. I realize going to a regular parish Mass will be a great suffering, but we must be willing to sacrifice and do even that.

The black hood, named after the Cardinal, symbolizes.

  • Being silenced by the Church
  • We are kept in the dark and not consulted
  • That our voices are not allowed to be heard
  • Mourning for the loss of the good Cardinal in his role defending the Church canonically.

So this Sunday protest silently with your hoods in solidarity with all the true defenders of the faith!

For further news see Cardinal Burke Demoted To Chaplain Of Akron RubberDucks Minor League Baseball Team.

  7 Responses to “Traditionalists plan national day of mourning and protest”

  1. Jeff, this as got to be one of your funniest post in a serious kind of way!

    I hear YA! Really Victor?…lol

  2. If you really want to get their attention just stop the money. No money in the collection plates; no money to the special appeals; no money to Peter’s Pence; just stop the money. That’s the only thing they listen to. And don’t give any money until the truth returns in word and in deed.

    • And that would be calling for disobeying one of the minimum obligations us Catholics have tiwards the Church. Yeah… that’ll go well. What’s next, calling on Catholics to boycott the Confessional? Or Mass attendance?

  3. How come the traditionalists did not have days of prayer and protest when the clergy sex scandals and bishop cover ups are ongoing. ,hmm

  4. ((( So this Sunday protest silently with your hoods in solidarity with all the true defenders of the faith! )))

    I know that I’m a little slow at times but I think I got “IT” now!

    It’s a “Hallowed be Your name,” party!

    I hear YA Jeff! I think you mean Halloween Victor, butt no, not really!

    Really? LOL ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Irreverant and unnecessarily offensive……as usual.

  6. It’s a little early to be up in arms. With the reshaping of the curia there are going to be several cardinals displaced. We shouldn’t make assumptions until it has all shaken out. Also, if Burke has only light duties, he will be free to pursue writing and speaking in defense of the teachings of Holy Mother Church and the Traditional Latin Mass.

    Finally, any kind of radical protest is only going to convince our opponents that we are radical nutcases and should be suppressed. We need to be reasoned and responsible, defending ourselves with Church teachings, tradition, law, and the writings of popes like St. Pius X and Benedict XVI. Right is on our side and will triumph in the end.

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