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Msgr. Charles Pope of the Archdiocese of Washington is really rather hesitant about blogging on hot button topics. Having recently posted on the Liturgy considering Ad Orientum with Are We Walking to Heaven Backward? A Pastoral Consideration of Liturgical “orientation.” he now posts this. Going from liturgical orientation to another type of “orientation” with District of Columbia Cancels Appearance of Gospel Artist due to Views on Homosexuality. Who Will be Next?

Homosexual activists and advocates often state that they merely want recognition and certain legal rights, and that churches and other objectors to their life style remain free to have their opinions and state them in a free culture. And any expressed fears regarding compulsory recognition or punitive measures directed against objectors are dismissed as fear mongering.

Never mind that these fears are based in real experiences in Canada and Europe where clergy have been arrested and fined for presenting the biblical case against homosexuality in the pulpits of their own churches or the pages of their bulletins.

In the end we who raise alarms about the increasingly strident declaration of our objections as “hate speech” and as “human rights violations” remain concerned about legal punishment etc., despite “reassurances” from pro-homosexual advocates and government officials.

Today there is more confirmation about the price that is paid by those who object to the cultural juggernaut that activism is becoming. Gospel Artist Donnie McClurkin has had his appearance canceled by the Mayor’s Office here in DC due to his views on homosexuality. Here is the clip from a local Station, Fox 5 News:

Gospel star Donnie McClurkin made headlines several years ago, when he claimed god “delivered” him from homosexuality.

Now, he’s sounding off about a decision by D.C. leaders, to cancel his appearance at a concert over the weekend.

McClurkin was set to perform at a concert on Saturday, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington.

In a video, McClurkin says he was on his way to the airport, when Mayor Vincent Gray’s office called him to tell him his appearance was cancelled.

“These are bully tactics simply because of stances that I took, never ever demeaning, never ever derogatory, any lifestyle – this is a civil rights infringement situation,” McClurkin said. [1]

It is bad enough for someone to disagree with the secular orthodoxy regarding homosexual acts, but for someone with same-sex attraction to do so is apostasy! The Mannish Inquisition will brook no opposition to the teaching that those with same-sex attraction will always have the same level of SSA. “You are born that way and that’s that!” While it certainly might be true that many that suffer with SSA will always have some level of this attraction, it is apparently not true for all cases.

The idea of punishing people for their opinion is of course nothing new. There is always a minority of people who won’t attend a movie or a concert because of the beliefs of one or more people involved regarding their personal life. What is happening here though is a mainstreaming and government shunning of either those like McClurkin who claim to no longer have SSA or simply those who call homosexual acts sinful along with homosexual marriage. For example those who would boycott the big screen adaptation of “Ender’s Game” because the author of the book Orson Scott Card opposes same-sex marriage. In the recent opinion on DOMA authored by Justice Kennedy we were declared “Enemies of the Human Race” for holding such a view.

But the point to be raised and discussed here is not a legal point but a cultural and moral one. Actions like these put to the lie any notion that homosexual activists merely seek to inculcate respect. They intend much more. Namely to destroy any dissent, marginalize and increasingly coerce consent for their agenda, and apply state sanctioned exclusion for any one who dares question their behavior.

The exclusion of Mr. McClurkin is only another step. Invited clergy are probably already being screened and excluded from any place on any dais if they do not have the politically correct view on this. Exclusions and restrictions are sure to increase and become more severe.

It is a common feature that radicals who march under the banner of tolerance and “libertas!” soon enough usher in their own reign of terror. Because when they say “tolerance” they don’t really mean it and certainly don’t mean they have to tolerate you. For them “tolerance” means your obligation to accept them, and freedom is your right and liberty to agree with whatever they say.

There seems to be absolutely no leeway that will in any way be granted. They will not, it seems, even brook the notion that for many who oppose the celebration of homosexual acts, the opposition is a matter of sincere conscience, not “hate.” If quoting the Bible or the Catechism equals hate, then night has surely come to the West. But we can do no other than adhere to God’s clear and consistent teaching all through the Scriptures at every stage which consigns homosexual acts to the realm of sin. Here I must stay, I can do no other. I will not overrule God to please men, gain access, or be considered acceptable to government officials and powerful lobby groups.

Now that these cultural radicals are politically ensconced the banners of tolerance and freedom are discarded. They never really meant it, and sure never meant the likes of Mr. McClurkin or other bible-believing Christians who object.

These exclusionary tactics are bound to increase and to become more punitive unless enough Americans begin to wake up and realize that all the talk about “tolerance” is not really what this agenda of the radicals has ever been about.

Rainbows may seem pretty, but they usually occur in the midst of a storm. This storm looks to get a lot worse.

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  1. Would it be accurate to say that the homosexual lobby act like Nazis?

  2. (((Rainbows may seem pretty, but they usually occur in the midst of a storm. This storm looks to get a lot worse.)))

    Jeff! “I” really didn’t want that little retardo Victor to read any of this and to top “IT” all, “ME”, “ME” and “ME” had to sit back and wait for him to finish and trust U>S (usual sinners) “I” mean us 96% gods and we were very UP SET with “IT” thinking that we might have to go back in Reverse again NOW!

    Long story short Jeff! What do you expect us gods to do if we go back to the old Mess, “I” mean Mass where and when Victor was serving high mess during the mid fifties?. Jeff! “IT” got so bad in the early sixties that witch graph took over and got Victor to chose between the audience while he was serving and long story short, when his soul and spirit left his body cells all alone to work on their galaxies, we gods had no choice but to help him out. Longer story short Jeff, we’re sorry that Victor is dead now but please don’t force us gods to call on the sons of vic who live in Russia cause “IT” won’t be funny and………..

    END YA SAY sinner vic! Come on lighten UP sinner vic cause “IT” really ain’t not that bad yet! 🙁

    Go Figure brothers and sisters in Christ! 🙂


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