Aug 292013



I just don’t get why the media and some Catholics are calling this a “selfie.”

Oxford Dictionaries Online’s quarterly update defined selfie as “a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website.”

This is more of a “groupie.”

It is bad enough that we have terms like this and then don’t even use them correctly.

The media though always like pictures that they think are somewhat ironic when it comes to the Pope, bishops, priests, and those in religious life. Show them doing something “normal” and somehow it is news.

Still I like the picture itself which no doubt is much better than the one taken on that cell phone at arms length.



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  1. (((It is bad enough that we have terms like this and then don’t even use them correctly.)))

    Jeff!!! Is this your way of trying to discourage me from starting a third blog

    Hey long story short Jeff, “I” don’t even know how to use any of these so called new family, “I” mean faggled gadgets. Between you and me, I still don’t have a twit her, “I” mean twitter account yet and my Facebook account has been dormant ever since one of our five daughters wrote on her wall in so many words that any friend of Harper is not a friend of mine and longer story short, we gods got him elected and….

    END YA SAY sinner vic?

    I hear YA folks! “IT” calls for a sad song!

    Why can’t YA be a man Victor!!!

    Go Figure folks! 🙂


  2. Jeff! I wish that the hac hers, “I” mean hackers would leave this little retardo alone now! 🙂


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  4. It’s closer to a photobomb than a selfie. Actually that would be a pretty awesome photobomb if the pope were the one photobombing.

  5. “Groupie” as an existent word already has a rather low-class meaning, somehow we don’t need to be involving the Pope in that.

  6. I think F1 is liking his job better than he expected to.

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  8. Honesty. I would have to see who said ‘selfie’ and what the context was. I never heard those terms and assumed it was about his personality.

  9. I was thinking that as Catholics, we can have something different, like an “Unselfie” where its not a pic towards oneself but to something good or to good works, giving alms, the sunrise, back of the church where everyone is kneeling, fish on fridays, a soldier at attention, that sort of thing.

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