Mar 042013

Come and listen to a story about a man renamed Peter
A poor fisherman, barely kept his family fed,
Then one day Andrew brought Simon to see him,
And Jesus invites them to be fishers of men

Messiah he is, Son of God, Second person of the Trinity

Well the first thing you know ole Peter’s got a chair,
Kinfolk said “Peter move away from there”
Said “Rome is the place you ought to be”
So they loaded up the ship and moved to Babylon.

Seven Hills, that is. Swimmin pools, Caesar.

Well now its time to say goodbye to B Sixteen
And invoke the conclave for Cardinals kindly droppin in.
The Sistine Chapel will be the locality
To see which man will head the Holy See

Pababile that is. burn the ballots, white smoke

Y’all pray now, y’hear?


* Cardinal pictured are just some at the top of the New Advent Buzz Meter.

  7 Responses to “The Beverly Papabilies”

  1. now if only you could set that to music…..the kind we hear at Mass on Sunday…..LOL

  2. That is cute.

  3. Arrghh! You aren’t getting away with this! We have the place surrounded by liturgical dancers (performing to Sydney Carter), so you may as well come quiet.

  4. Encore! Coming up: Green Acres!

  5. (((So (they) loaded up the ship and moved to Babylon.)))

    Jeff! While sinning, “I” mean singing along with “IT” I actually, without knowing mind YA, “I” changed the word they to “she” Go Figure NOW! 🙂

    Stop “IT” Victor cause we can’t take much more out of YA NOW! Find, “IT” is true that we went to church with YA today butt that’s only because the alien gods forced, we mean asked U>S if we 92% godly cells could act, I mean, a come o date, them and between U>S so called usual sinner like Victor, we gave his Jesus “ONE” butt this little retardo soul is over doing “IT” NOW!


    Victor! Victor! Victor! That soul of yours is over doing “IT” so YA must remind him that he’s not “ONE” of those so called 7% Jesus mustard seed Cells that he so so much believes in and if he keeps “IT” UP, some of our cells are determined to leave this Cat lick church and marry butt “IT” is not funny Victor cause if they don’t stop “IT” “I’M” gong to leave also and marry for money then be filthy happy for the rest of your life if YA get my drift NOW?

    All kidding ass hide Victor! We don’t mind going to church with YA butt YA must stop this worshiping this woman of a thousand faces cause some of our protestant spiritual cells of Henrie De hate are threatening to join these Catholics and the only thing going our WAY is that they promised U>S that they wouldn’t change until they elect a wo man pope NOW!

    Hey sinner vic! That will probably be next win t’her, I mean winter NOW!


    Seriously NOW! Me, myself and i over heard “ONE” of your 92% cells telling “ONE” of her feminine cells that “IT” WOULD BE A COLD, COLD DAY BEFORE THEY EVER TEAMED UP WITH THOSE CAT LICKS again.

    Hey Victor then “IT” is true what the alien gods have been telling U>S about the twenty first century! Anything being possible NOW!

    Go Figure! 🙂


  6. The Beverly PAPABILES? Does that not come close to infringing on The Beverly Hill copy rights laws NOW?

    Just asking! 🙂


  7. Had a good laugh. Thanks for this.

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