Mar 142013

Last night reading through my normal long list of blogs and aggregated news sites there were several times I was tempted to remove some blogs from my RSS aggregator. Doomsday liturgical prophets were all set to make references to the liturgical calendar as if it was the Aztec one.

For me Pope emeritus Benedict XVI reflected a liturgical vision that I totally agreed with and really I was informed by his vision as reflected in his books such as The Spirit of the Liturgy. To go from someone that I was in total agreement with to a new Pope that might not have exactly that same vision can be a bit of a let down.

Still it is rather amazing that so many people who knew next to nothing about Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio yesterday are all experts on him today. Amazing how smart Google can make you in a day. This is kind of like the commercial about sleeping in a a Holiday Inn Express.

I will try not to make the same mistake since my own knowledge was prior to yesterday just a papabile biography on him. Yet really is even the information at hand via a search engine indicative of a man who is going to put the liturgical world upside down and turning over the slow changes that Pope Benedict XVI made? That an apparently humble man is going to force on the church a totally different liturgical vision? Likely I will probably have prudential disagreements with Pope Francis regarding the liturgy in years to come. Hopefully though I won’t go into freak out mode that Pope Francis is not exactly the same as Pope Benedict XVI in these matters.

I was happy to see last night when Father Z finally had internet access his take on the new Pope. This was an excellent example of how liturgical traditionalists should respond. He also nicely covered Pope Francis’ first Mass.

Taylor Marshall’s post on the subject is quite worthwhile Traditionalists and Pope Francis: Can We Take a Deep Breath and Please Calm Down?

I also really liked LarryD’s reflections regarding this. His blog like my own often does parodies regarding bad liturgy and the thought process behind them. His blog has the awesome animated GIF of a giant liturgical puppet getting it’s head blown off so he is not exactly neutral regarding the liturgy.

The Crescat, who also does not suffer liturgical foolishnes lightly, also has a good post on the subject.

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  1. When, oh when, are rad-trads ever going to learn that there are times to pour fire on the enemies of tradition and the Faith, and there are times they need to keep their metaphorical booger-hooks off the bang switch?

    As a traditionalist myself, I understand the kicked dog syndrome. You get kicked often enough by those who either don’t care or despise the traditional liturgy, whenever you see a leg get pulled back, you expect to get kicked. I have been told… by priests and BISHOPS… that I am stupid, that I should just leave the Church, that I am a dinosaur, that no one cares what I think or desire when it comes to liturgy. I get it, guys. I’ve been in the trenches for over 20 years, I have the battle scars to prove it. And, I STILL have to drive over 2 hours to the nearest EF Mass.

    That said, I just can not comprehend why those who claim to love Tradition, as I do, see His Holiness for 5 seconds on the loggia, and immediately start excoriating him. From the sedevacantists, I expect crap like that… like walking next to a duck pond; don’t be surprised to have to wipe duck excrement from your shoes. So it is with sedes. But people who claim to love Tradition, and the Church, and the Papacy, and also claim to be servants of the Holy Father… why are they ripping on the man? Life as he knew it, ended the moment he said, “Accepto.” And not a half hour later, his supposedly devoted children are calling him an anti-pope? Folks… he is the Holy Father, like it or not. Showing someone who may not care about Tradition and liturgy as we do that we are a bunch of unsettled, crazed, deranged lunatics hurling insults at him as chimps throw faeces in a zoo is NOT the best way to show our new Pontiff that we can be trusted to have his back in his battle against Satan.

    So, man up, saddle up, lock and load. The rosary, the breviary, assisting at Holy Mass, and prayer are our weapons. Are we going to use them to help our Holy Father Francis accomplish his mission? Or are we gonna sit around, in the rear with the gear, like a bunch of spiritual fobbits? SO get steppin’, get outside the wire and engage the enemy, Satan and all of his minions who roam the world, seeking the ruin of souls. Hooah?

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