Feb 202013

You just might be a heretic if you get intense questioning from Stephen Colbert and then America Magazine writes:

Now it should be obvious to even the most casual Roman Catholic that Mr. Wills’s views are definitely heterodox and probably heretical.

Saying “probably heretical” is a bit of an understatement as the things Gary Wills speaks and writes on are often heretical. As Tom Piatak for Crisis Magazine notes:

By my count, Wills took positions anathematized by 14 different Canons of the Council of Trent in this brief interview

You just might be a heretic when Michael Sean Winters of the National Catholic Reporter writes Garry Wills Please Go Away.

The longer you listen to Wills the higher the heresy counter rises. As a Catholic when Wills gets done with his caveats there isn’t very much left of the faith. Although there is a consistency to his madness as he started by attacking the pope, and then the Eucharist , the priesthood, and even books in the biblical canon fell with it. Don’t like the history of the Church’s teaching then invent a Great Apostasy to suit your needs. After all this method was good enough for Mormons and Jehovah Witnesses.

Remember the kerfluffel over the late William Buckley for having supposedly written “Mater si, Magistra no”? It was actually a quip of Gary Wills that Buckley had referenced. Nothing has changed in the decades since he had first made that quip  other than the expected result that underlines it .

References: The Strange World of Garry Wills

  4 Responses to “Where there’s a Wills there’s a Heresy”

  1. Why didn’t Colbert ask “Just what is it that makes you ‘Catholic’ and not ‘Protestant’?”

    Every time I ask someone that, I am greeted by earsplitting silence.

    • I am Catholic and not Protestant becuase, like it or not, Jesus only founded ONE church. “Thou art Peter and upon this rock I build MY church.” (emphasis mine).. All other churchs were frounded by human beings. Sorry, but they cannot save you. It is also the only church that has the Eucharist. ‘Nuff said.

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  3. Who buys his books? That’s what I want to know. I think my favorite titles of his are “What Paul Meant” and “What Jesus Meant.” They just crack me up! Forget what Paul and Jesus said, Gary Wills alone knows what they MEANT!!!

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