Jan 262013

LarryD on 10 New Names For The NCReporter

In his most recent column published in the diocesan paper, The Catholic Key, Bishop Finn of Kansas City has stated in no uncertain terms that the National Catholic Reporter should not be calling itself Catholic. I encourage you to read it if you haven’t already. It’s excellent stuff.

Now, they won’t be obeying Bishop Finn any time soon, but still, if by chance they come to their senses and do the right thing, they’re gonna need a new name.

And guess what – I have 10 suggestions (of course I do, right?)

  1. The Nullified Conscience Reporter
  2. The Midwest Journal of Religious Emasculation
  3. Theological Masturbation & Review
  4. Screw You, Rome Reports
  5. New Age Apostate & Chronicle
  6. The Weakly Faith Weekly
  7. The Apostolic Underminer
  8. The Sixth Circle Times-Union
  9. The Poor Man’s Unitarian Almanac
  10. Heretic Herald & Heritage

Got any other suggestions?

Well here are a couple.

  • Itching Ears Weekly
  • National Tares and Chaff Reporter
  • Heretic’s R Us
  • The New Sodom Times
  • National Compost
  • False Christianity Today
  • White Washed Tomb Times
  • Apostolic Editorial Board (at least that seems to be how they see themselves)
  • Dissent of Man
  • Reverse Tardis Times (The ideas are even smaller than they appear on the outside)
  • Fishwrap (Really Father’s Z’s description fits the best)

Really it would be nice to not confuse “National Catholic” — “Reporter” and “Register”. To have to differentiate between the good NCR and the bad NCR.

  8 Responses to “New Names for the National “Catholic” Reporter”

  1. Wow – those are some good ones, Jeff.

  2. (((Really it would be nice to not confuse “National Catholic” — “Reporter” and “Register”. To have to differentiate between the good NCR and the bad NCR.)))

    Well here are a couple.

    Forget “IT” sinner vic cause Jeff already named those “ONE”!

    Gee Victor! Can he do that cause picking our spiritual brain cells in reality ls like, well almost like
    stealing some “ONE” itentity! Is it not?


    NOW! What are ya trying to say guys?



  3. “The Litter Liner” or “The New Protestant Review.”

  4. Well, I think they’d want to find a name that doesn’t require a change of acronym. So perhaps

    – No Conscience Required
    – Non-Catholic Reporter
    – New Categorical Relativist

  5. A lot of good ones there but I have to go with, “Screw You, Rome Reports” — HA HA HA

  6. To not confuse the two “NCR”s it’s “National Catholic Distorter”

  7. We called it the Nasty Critical Rag in seminary.

    Fr. Philip Neri, OP

  8. The editors of the Reporter should just change the rag’s name to what it really is: The Heretical Reporter.

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