Dec 032012

I must say I have some serious questions regarding the Pope’s new twitter account @pontifex.

I don’t think he is taking this very seriously as far as I can tell.  What should have been done is that the Pope should tweet in ecclesiastical Latin. This would be the official tweet and reference that would then be translated into other languages. Especially considering the Pope’s recent creation of the Pontifical Academy for Latin.

Now I am half-joking here, but wouldn’t an official Latin tweet be rather awesome? Homeschoolers around the world and other Catholic students could apply their skills in translating the Pope’s tweet from Latin into their native tongue. Plus when you have a twitter handle like @pontifex it kind of goes together. Also a Latin hashtag would also be rather awesome.

Which reminds me that back in January I tried to guess at some possible names for the Pope’s Twitter account and one of them was @RomanPontifexMaximus. Just drop Roman and Maximus and I was dead on. But a too wordy of a prophet is not appreciated in his own blog.

I was also thinking Pontifex would make a great Autobot name.  For Decepticon names just look through an issue of the National Catholic Reporter.

I also wonder if you could infallibly define something via a tweet? Certainly the “We declare and define” part would fit in a Tweet and so could probably a canonization.

The Ironic Catholic offers Dear Pope Benedict XVI: friendly constructive hints on tweeting Though I take issue with one of her suggestions of a possibility of the Pope using Twitter like a search engine as one famous journalist tried to do to find a recipe

Here are some possibilities of Papal tweets I previously suggested.

  4 Responses to “Rome Tweet Rome”

  1. Burst out laughing on seeing the National Catholic Reporter= Decepticons line. Well done!

  2. Kind of glad Papa Benedict isn’t “taking Twitter seriously”. So many people are walking around, just blippety-blipping away, ignoring the world around them in favor of a bunch of silly little letters on a dinky little screen; it’s nice the Pope is still among us.

  3. Orange Crush is waaaayyy better!

  4. …i can disagree on the merits of orange flavored soft drinks with Papa B16, right?

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