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As someone who is both in the Catholic world and the geek world I make comparisons and contrasts between these two communities.

When it comes to the use of technology I find that the geek community is much more invested and active.  This fact at first blush would seem rather obvious that geeks take to new technologies and platforms quicker. Yet with the sheer number of Catholics in the world the fact that technology-focused communities have a larger and stronger presence is not a good sign.

One thing I had been thinking about is that there are many daily technology news podcasts.  These types of shows usually involve a group of people and bring on guests for specific technical knowledge. Yet there is really not one daily Catholic news show in this format.  Vatican Radio comes the closest and has a nice international perspective, but I grew tired of all the climate change coverage.  Al Kresta’s radio show which is also podcasted takes a couple of subjects each day to cover and I think does a good job with bringing in knowledgable guests.  Although this show also reruns previous shows rather often and so you don’t really get daily coverage.  Catholic Answers usually has a monthly show on Catholic news.  Rome Reports does a decent job of  daily video coverage of the Vatican. EWTN’s weekly “The World Over” also covers the news along with Raymond Arroyo’s interests.  The Good Catholic life podcast does cover daily news, but it more focused (as it should be) on diocesan happenings. The Catholic Underground weekly podcast has a nice “intersection of faith and culture” with both Catholic and tech news. Catholic Weekend also covers news of the day to some extent.  There are various more long form radio shows such as the Son Rise Morning Show and others that intersect into this area.  But really there are no daily wrap-up shows in the roughly 30 minute format with multiple commentators and guests able to weigh in on specific areas.

I would love there to be a daily show of Catholic news from a panel of people along with guests.  Something in the 30 to 40 minute range.  Providing a Catholic view of what’s going on helps to give listeners a solid perspective.  In fact there should be multiple shows of this type that could focus on stories of international and national interest for Catholics.  Of course the time and money involved requires a lot of effort and Catholics as a whole really don’t support these efforts. On the other side, tech podcasts networks such as TWIT and 5by5 are making money and paying the people involved in the shows.  Leo Laporte’s TWIT network was able to even build a studio providing high quality video and audio productions.  Catholic media is always seemingly in a constant state of survival.  Pledge drives are very common or requests from EWTN to send donations.

As I noted the other day while there are some very good Catholic shows, there really should be so many more of them.  There are many more Apple related podcasts for example than Catholic podcasts.

I think it is rather embarrassing that geeks seem to support such endeavors much more than Catholics as a whole do. I like playing around with gadgets and staying abreast with the world of technology, but my faith is so much more awesome.  The treasury of the Catholic faith is so immense that in our lives we can but put a dent into it. What is more wonderful than Jesus or savior and the Church he gave us? I guess the answer is gadgets and other shiny things.

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  1. I just wonder if there is an equivalent to Leo Laporte somewhere in the Catholic world: someone who is willing to take on developing these kinds of programs for video. Fr. Roderick and SQPN have done masterful work at developing audio podcasting, but video is a whole different animal.

    There is a sense that many who would be interested in such a project (myself included) may have the desire, but not the experience, money, or time needed to set something up. Leo Laporte was able to develop TWiT over many years due to his experience in both radio and television, as well as being known by geeks due to his work as the Tech Guy and on TechTV.

    IMO, we have the media infrastructure between EWTN, NET NY, Catholic TV and the various Catholic radio systems that could be used, but getting them to work together on even a daily 30-minute news program seems like a major task. And as you point out, the Catholic media endeavors aren’t exactly awash in money, but are usually somewhere between “broke” and “flat broke”.

  2. Sorry Jeff, but I’ve always believed that the person who sees the need is the person who needs to do something about it 🙂 Good luck on your new project. I would love to listen to your new podcast when you have it ready. Please send me the link!

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  5. Thank you for the thoughtful and amusing posts. I’ve been reading you for some time and wanted to make contact for some time. After your music post of about a month ago, I thought you might be interested in a channel on YouTube with liturgical music from the church where I sing. We are a professional choir and do a lot of renaissance polyphony.

  6. How Catholic Channel onSirius. Bet Fr Jonathon Morris the current manager would be interested in the concept.

  7. (((Yet there is really not one daily Catholic news show in this format. I guess the answer is gadgets and other shiny things.)))

    Well we could always shoot the jukebox which might make U>S (usual sinners) feel better! 🙂

    I hear ya Jeff! That wouldn’t be The Christian thing to do sinner vic! 🙂


  8. Alexa! You’ll have to forgive me cause I grew UP as a child on this kind of music below

    I hear ya! To every Christian his or her own! Jesus is still spelled the same WAY! J-E-S-U-S and Jesus Enjoys Saving U>S (USUAL SINNERS), Jesus Enjoys Saving Usual Souls, Jesus Enjoys Saving Usual Spirits, Jesus Enjoys Saving Usual Sisters, Jesus Enjoys Saving Usual Sons and Jesus Enjoys Saving U>S all if we seek HIM with a sincere heart.

    STOP “IT” VICTOR caise Alexa didn’t say that! 🙁

    Go Figure sinner vic!? 🙂


  9. Happy Blessed Anthony Grassi day


    Merry Christmas to all!


  10. I think it is important to leave your heart open to the will of God. Maybe the reason you are comparing these 2 areas is because there is something there that God wants you to do. I know far too often I think about things and think someone should do something about it, but I take no action to do it myself.

  11. I would love to help out with something cool like that.

  12. hmm…perhaps you could try an amalgamation between the two, a Catholic show that is also a geek show.

  13. Check out My partner and I do Catholic podcasts multiple times during the week. God bless

  14. Patricia got there ahead of me … you’d be a great host Jeff because you know so many connected Catholics. You could pull together a variety of guests each day, or even weekly. 🙂

  15. When people start seeing this world as a stopping over place and should look on it as supernatural not human, they will see the whole picture of God and the devil battling for souls -they being one. Most people take this world too literally and live for it not just in it.

  16. Jeff, Check out what we’re doing at Franciscan Media. Not news based however.,

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