Nov 182012

Catholic World Report has a look at the subject through the lens of the University of San Diego cancellation of an appearance by dissident theologian Tina Beattie.  Her book is called “God’s Mother, Eve’s Advocate: A Gynocentric Refiguration of Marian Symbolism in Engagement with Luce Irigaray” which is certainly a mouthful or at least full of something.

  One Response to “The Upside-Down World of Catholic Higher Education”

  1. (((Criticism of the status of priests within the Church has characterized Cooke’s career for the past 30 years. Claiming that the growing shortage of priests will lead to a “liturgical starvation” for an expanding US Catholic population, Cooke’s solution is to empower the laity and allow married priests (or ex-priests, like him) to assume leadership. A member of CORPUS, an advocacy organization of former priests that lobbies for optional celibacy for Catholic clergy, Cooke is also a board member for Call to Action, a lay movement demanding women’s ordination, an end to priestly celibacy, and a change in the Church’s teachings on sexual morality. )))

    Gee Jeff! I’ve read about 92% of this stuff and “I’M” NOW wondering just how much spiritual reality power the sins of this Corpus institute really wheels?

    (((In late 1971, Paul David Ryan moved to Victoria to take up a temporary teaching position in the Diocese of Ballarat. This position was at St Joseph’s College, Mildura, in the far north-west of this state. In October 1971, Ryan applied to Bishop Mulkearns to sponsor him as a Ballarat candidate for the priesthood at the Melbourne seminary (Corpus Christi College). Paul David Ryan’s Adelaide references were not good but Ballarat accepted him as a candidate and he spent the next five years at the Melbourne seminary. )))

    You’re way off topic again sinner vic! 🙁


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