Nov 182012

Today Leah Libresco was received into the Catholic Church and received baptism, confirmation, and holy communion. I am so happy for her.

  2 Responses to ““I had people who loved me storming Heaven on my behalf””

  1. Jeff! She’s just another book that I’ve never read and believe “IT” or not GOD (Good Old Dad) quietly tells me, me and me every day that HE’s already cloned some of my past reality spiritual cells in time who are able to live her book if ya know what me, myself and i mean???? Go figure!

    I hear ya folks! If any of U>S (usual sinners) believe stuff like this Victor, then sinner vic should bottle “IT” and become filty rich cause “IT” sounds better than “SEX” and some of our 7% Jesus Cells tell U>S that as a god of alien gods, he’s already walked GOD’s Stairway to heaven with some angels and he’s holding out on ya Victor! 🙂

    Come on folks, sinner vic would never do that cause his 92% cells that “I’M” in charge of are real gods! Are they not? 🙁


  2. Jeff, looks like your link to Leah’s site has fallen victim to an early Advent — there’s “no L” on the end, but there should be. (Sorry, couldn’t resist.) Try “.html” vs. “.htm”.

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