Nov 282012

And so it came to pass that in the eighth year of Pope Benedict’s reign, some tabloid and social media decreed that he had cancelled Christmas.

You know media coverage on the Pope’s new book has spiraled out of control in misreporting when Reuters issues a corrective piece lambasting the bad reporting. The Reuters piece is actually quite good.

  6 Responses to “The Pope who stole Christmas”

  1. The perpetually incompetent coverage of religious news by otherwise
    ‘reputable’ media outlets should make any sensible person hesitate to
    go to them for coverage of other topics like current events or politics.
    The superficiality, distortions, and lack of research extends past the
    tabloids and into supposedly ‘serious’ media outlets– networks
    and newspapers. If they’re content to do such a lame job covering
    the Church, why should anyone give their coverage of other topics
    any credibility?

  2. Serious scholars have been aware of these facts for years; all Papa Benedict did was bring to light (once again). It’s sad that this is all the critics can throw at the Holy Father, and sadder that it sticks.
    You’d think the Vatican had shot down Santa’s sleigh.

  3. For what “IT” is worth I must agree with you Jeff that The Reuters piece appears actually quite good if only for the fact that the animal kingdom back then adopted the motif earlier in Church history that The Holy Family existed and showing that even animals knew Jesus was the son of God.

    Why so many of U>S (usual sinners) can’t understand in the twenty- first century the meaning of Christmas when animals back then had more faith in The Holy Family then most have today should be of concern and maybe we so called spiritual animal Christians should worry about this world NOW!

    Personally speaking, I truly believe that His Holiness should just stick to praying for all of U>S (usual sinners) cause we need so much of “IT” NOW.

    Go Figure! šŸ™‚


  4. Clinton, amen! About the only thing I watch the news for is my local weather; there’s only so much one can say wrong about “hot” and “cold”.

    What’s disturbing to me is that most people actually trust the media and use it for their opinion-making needs.

  5. I have found that this is a common trick by the media. They take human tradition, raise it to the level of Sacred Tradition and act completely shocked when Church officials deny that it is a Sacred tradition.

    I remember someone once told me a joke where a priest died and went to heaven and asked to read an original version of the Bible. And then he was shocked and shouted, “They removed the ‘R’ !” And he pointed to the word “celebrate.”

    The point, of course, was to make fun of the idea that the Church got something essentially wrong. But the joke doesn’t work on a lot of levels, not the least of which is that celibacy is not a Sacred Tradition.

    But all of this that the media does is to undermine the faith. They are trying to make the Catholic Church look like she contradicts herself, and can thus be dismissed.

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