Nov 012012

“Contraception is a lot cheaper than live births, especially if the live births are problematic.”

If there was ever a television show called “Liberal theologians say the darndest things” surely Fr. Reese would be on it. Since the show does not yet exist Fr. Reese had to confine himself to say this at Holy Trinity Catholic Parish in Washington, D.C. Because of course cost is the primary moral factor that can magically make an intrinsic evil somehow less intrinsically evil.  Think of all the money we can save in regards to taking care of the elderly and other health care money drains.  The problem with liberal theologians is that they make Jonathan Swift-like “modest proposals” that aren’t satirical essays.

Next up in an episode of “Liberal theologians say the darndest things” is Richard P. McBrien who has made many appearances on the show.

He couldn’t have foreseen, for example, the concerted efforts of his successors, Popes John Paul II and Benedict XVI, to undermine the council, consciously or not, by the appointment of bishops and archbishops unfriendly to the council.

What he means is bishops unfriendly to “the (false) spirit of the council.” But when you become your own magisterium and know better than the last two Popes you just might be Rev. McBrien.

I did like the humble part of his article.

As I said (to a standing ovation) at the symposium held in my honor at the University of Notre Dame toward the end of April, few North American Catholics would be Catholics today if it were not for the nuns. The nuns, I insisted (to another standing ovation), are the greatest asset to the church in North America, and one hopes and prays that the Vatican will soon come to realize that as well.

I really (to a standing ovation) thought it (to a standing ovation) was well (to a standing ovation) put. I’m sure Rev. McBrien is praising Mother Angelica and her nuns for all their work here.

Don’t you just love the “Evil Vatican vs. American Nuns” narrative? Strangely I don’t think he would see the HHS mandate putting the “Little Sisters of the Poor” and other religious sisters who help the poor and the elderly out of business in the same terms.

Source via Campus Notes

  5 Responses to “Liberal theologians say the darndest things”

  1. Ouch! The eye roll is giving me a headache!

  2. Don’t forget Hans Kung who thinks the Pope envies him:

    God Bless.

  3. Better sterilizing those who do not care, than ever “inflicting” a child on them.

  4. Perhaps Fr. Reese developed his thought along these lines: “And that is a principal allure of this evil policy, to reduce it to a purely economic question. Those on the left in our country will be delighted to have that money saved through contraception available to spend on something else; those on the right will be delighted to have that money returned to the taxpayers. But who, if not Catholics, will point out the real costs, in goods that are not economic?”

  5. Let us hope Father does not become ‘problematic’ in his old age.

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