Sep 272012

Sometimes when odd or complex news stories regarding the Church come around I pretty much wait for Jimmy Akin to weigh in on the subject. One of those stories grabbing headlines in the last week regarded denial of the sacraments for Catholics in Germany who did not pay the tax.

Jimmy with the information at hand so far does weigh in and provides the background of this seemingly odd story.

As he mentions “You have people denying the faith before Caesar so that they can have more take-home pay. That’s a problem.” Certainly anything the German bishops decided in responding to this was going to be a PR difficulty in how it would be spun. But in contrast having people deny their faith is a much more serious problem than something minor such as how any response was going to be perceived. Really the underlying situation in Germany regarding this tax is what should be addressed.

What I am curious about is exactly how they would enforce this in the first place?

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  1. Jeff! I have not read all there is to read but just looking at this below, some of my 7% so called “Jesus” Cells want to have their say.

    (((Under the decree, those who have opted out of the tax may not receive Christian burials, receive communion, go to confession, become godparents at a baptism or confirmation or hold office within the church.)))

    What’s that you say sinner vic?

    You own 92% of my spiritual reality body cells so you should have the right to speek first?

    What do you say “Jesus”?

    I should have guest! Ok go ahead sinner vic!

    Look Victor! Good Catholics must pay their 10% cause we certainly don’t want to be in trouble with the German gods! Do we?

    Just a sec sinner vic!

    Please, there must be at least “ONE” of my 7% spiritual reality body cells out there who will speak UP?



    Stop waisting my time Victor!

    Forgive me butt, I had to try!

    Just a GOD second sinner vic, I think “I” hear something NOW!

    What’s NEW?

    Really! Just listen to “IT”!

    Victor! Victor! Victor! Will ya please stop “IT” cause “I” did not create the Catholic and/or The Protestant religion. “IT” was started by some of my LOVE sick apostles and angel friends so don’t worry about “IT” cause there’s no truth to this so called
    Long story short, no body, I mean nobody needs to pay these spiritual reality tax if they don’t believe in gods. Look Victor! we’re in The Twenty First century and all “IT” will cost you is a Arm and forget about these so called gods cause we’ve got enough Adult Stem Cells to pay off these German Bishops who are acting as gods.

    Hey! Stop laughing at me “Jesus Cell” cause I’m serious here!

    Ha! Ha!

    Not funny sinner vic!

    Who’s laughing? 🙂

    Go Figure! 🙁


  2. Yes, yes, I agree; like we need any more bad PR. After reading (admittedly only about half) of Akin’s commentary, it sounds like a forced tithe, like the Social Security of church going.

    I don’t think they really can enforce it, Jeff; not if you really want to evade it while still receiving the Sacraments, but like you said, if you pronounce yourself as officially not Catholic, you probably don’t frequent the Sacraments anyway.

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