Jun 062012

That DC Comics went down the road of political correctness announcing the Green Lantern was actually same-sex attracted is no surprise.  Though I wonder if homosexual activists will be offended they got only a B-list superhero?  When will we get the Lesbian, Transgendered, and Questioning superheroes?

Though this slippery slope actually occurred quite awhile ago when we started allowing aliens to date our women. Yet there was no outrage at this when DC Comics first did this and made aliens dating our women mainstream.  I am of course referring to Superman who certainly was an alien and even if humanoid had no business dating our women.

Putting on my speculative theology thinking cap it seems to me that since Superman obviously had non-human DNA he would not be able to successfully reproduce and thus would be incapable of marriage. Thus by nature he was incapable of marriage and had no business dating human women.  Same-sex marriage has the same defect of alien-human marriage in that it not marriage at all.  Though some might think it fine to compromise with alien-human unions as long as they don’t call it marriage, though I would not.  There was another slippery slope when DC Comics also created a metahuman clone of Superman named Superboy. Though I shouldn’t just pick on Superman since Supergirl also dated humans.  So should we be surprised that DC Comics who gave us cloning and human-alien romantic attraction would give us also the same-sex attracted Green Lantern?

Now of course this post is mostly tongue-in-cheek but of course our acceptance of Superman gave us Captain Kirk and his lusts for green-tinged women in bikinis.

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  1. And what about human-android relationships? Fearless activists made a suicide attack on the Vision and the Scarlet Witch to protest this! (Avengers, “Your Young Men Shall Slay Visions”)

  2. Jeff, I’m immediately reminded of Comic Book Guy from “The Simpsons”:

    “But Aquaman, you cannot marry a woman without gills. You’re from two different worlds! “

  3. Jeff, can’t you talk to Victor and tell him that’s the way it is and that the world has change and is evolving NOW! Why can’t his so called 7% spiritual cells allow same-sex-marriages in his church cause “IT” is the in thing NOW! https://register.perfectworld.com/sto_splash

    For him to use the excuse that The True North like Alaska have not declared themself completely is no excuse to say that all of Canada didn’t agree to same-sex-marriages. Those Russian hands of deadly vampires are like those Roman fingers and they’ll keep fighting with U>S (usual sinners) until there’s no more earth left if they have their way so can’t you tell Victor to stop his sillyness like he does here http://www.firstthings.com/blogs/secondhandsmoke/2012/06/06/transhumanism-is-religion-for-atheists/#comments

    WHAT YOU UP TO sinner vic? Are you UP to no good again? 🙁

    OH! No! NO Victor! Me and Jeff were just having another tongue-in-cheek discussion about all this sillyness that is taking place in the real world nowadays!

    Really? 🙂


  4. You no doubt have read Larry Nivens’ excellent monograph on the subject, “Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex”. http://www.rawbw.com/~svw/superman.html

  5. There are actually about a dozen gay bi whatever superheroes running around various universes now so really this isn’t all that significant.

    Still if it upsets idiots it’s all good.

  6. That is SO Gay!!

  7. You’re so funny, Jeff!

  8. Hey Rose! Don’t blame Jeff cause “IT” was Mike who threw NITRO on “it”!?

    The mind boggles at the image of a pregnant Superman cruising the skies of Metropolis. Batman would refuse to be seen with him; strange new jokes would circulate the prisons…and the race of Krypton would be safe at last.

    Like you say salvage: “Still if it upsets idiots it’s all good.” and you also say that there are actually about a dozen gay bi whatever superheroes running around various universes now so really this isn’t all that significant.

    salvage don’t let Victor hear this cause he’ll be thinking that humanity will really be in need of his so called imaginary GOD if ya know what “I” mean? Personally speaking, “I” don’t think Victor should be reading this kind of material and so I would addvice Jeff that ya be careful and monitor Victor’s comments very closely if ya get my drift?

    How you doing sinner vic?

    STOP USING YOUR SUPER POWERS Victor cause “IT” is not funny anymore!

    Go Figure! 🙂


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