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From a “Family Mass” on Easter Sunday in the Hartberg Catholic Parish of the Diocese of Graz-Seckau in Austria, the Easter Bunny reads the prayers of the faithful. [Source and Video]

I am quite shocked by this.  Plainly the prayers of the faithful are suppose to be said behind the ambo.

Lectionary No. 31: “For the prayer of the faithful the celebrant presides at the chair and the intentions are announced at the ambo. The assembled congregation takes part in the prayer of the faithful while standing and by saying or singing a common response after each intention or by silent prayer.”

How can a parish even in Austria get so loose with the rules?

Lectionary No. 30: “…a deacon, another minister, or some of the faithful may propose intentions that are short and phrased with a measure of freedom.”

Out of charity I assume this Easter Bunny is one of the faithful and not a heretic bunny or is that Hare-a-tic bunny?  Photographic proof shows that this is not just Hare-say. Though I must complain about the bunnies costume as surely that is not a traditional Hare Shirt.

No doubt my atheist commenter will mention that there is no difference between belief in the Easter Bunny and Jesus.

Hat Tip Rorate Caeli

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  1. Nein, danke, mein Hare.

  2. You’ve used all the good puns.

    I must say, though, that is one rare bit of liturgical abuse, eh?

  3. What kind of a parish is this? They don’t even have the liturgical decency to have white or gold vestments for the rabbit? Instead he wears green? During Easter???

  4. I think Hare-a-tic says it all!

  5. >How can a parish even in Austria get so loose with the rules?

    Now these “rules” who set them? I know you want to say Jesus but his rituals were Jewish most of the rituals performed by Catholics are based on Roman paganism. The eating of the god, the praying to statues, the Latin, the titles (Bishop, Pope etc.), the uniforms all come from Ancient Roman superstitions and sects. There is a dash of the Far East and Egyptian mystery cults as well.

    Now I know in the early years of the rise of Christianity there were many meetings to try and get the details right because… um Jesus didn’t think of that or something but those often lead to schisms of one kind or another.

    These festered until the Reformation where a whole bunch of new “rules” was set.

    And when these “rules” are broken does it make your god angry? Is this a thrown into Hell kind of thing or just a stern talking to by Saint Peter.

    Oh and the bunny and business with the eggs are also pagan things so actually they have every right to be up there along with Christmas trees and mistletoe.

    It’s weird how Christianity the One True Religion with the One True God has so many versions.

    Does your god enjoy the conflict his confusing religion creates or is it just another one of its perfect designs ruined by humans?

  6. Forced to apologize publicly, the Easter Bunny said that he would never again put eggs in the offering baskets.

  7. The rabbit, symbol of unbridled fertility, is no doubt telling all orthodox Catholics to “go forth and multiply” out of this parish. (This IS a euphemism).

  8. salvage, that’s a pretty long caption…

  9. Oh…. uh okay, the Rabbit is saying “Why do you think that Jesus sacrificed himself when all he really did was take a three day nap? We rabbits call that hibernation, it’s not a big deal”

  10. (((I am quite shocked by this. Plainly the prayers of the faithful are suppose to be said behind the ambo.)))

    Jeff! After all uthanasia of the unborn, young children who manage to survive then slaughtered, the elders who have and will be killed in order to save “The Almighty Dollar”, a little Easter Bunny hair Ambo is not much of a shock to me.

    As for salvage, I’ve got another spiritual theist which is that when Jesus Ressurected, He left behind about 3% of His Spiritual Cells in that UP HER Room with His Mother and Apostles. You might say that “IT’s” a story that never end, “IT” goes on and on my friends. Anyway in that room a LOT of miracles took place like: The Ressurection of Our Blessed Mother and yes She also left a few cells behind to help U>S (usual sinners). A lot of souls also entered and still enter to become Saints with the help of The Holy Spirit. Many spirits have entered that room before they went on their way to a trip UP The Stairway to heaven and they still do. True that not all of U>S care to salvage what has been left behind by Saints, Martyrs and other good friends of “Jesus” but we must never forget that GOD (Good Old Dad) all left U>S will HIS “Free Will”.

    In closing, I thank God that “I’M” not an animal but don’t get me wrong, I love animals. For what “IT” is worth, me, myself and i as a soul human, do have the ability to get angry and my soul believes that all our cells were made in “The Image of GOD” and so you have “IT”. Call me mad if ya like but for the record, my spirit or should “I” say, “I’M” not throbing at the mouth right NOW! 🙂


  11. No sane person would appear before a judge dressed in an easter
    bunny costume. Neither would one show up dressed like that for
    a job interview. Why? Because to do so says that one doesn’t take
    seriously what is going on. It is, in fact, insulting to all those who
    do take things seriously. To have this go on at a Mass says that the
    Catholics responsible have lost sight of just Who they are before,
    and what they are there to do. It has devolved into Mass as just
    bad entertainment.

    I’m sure that some folks think that it’s alright if they have these
    sentimental attempts to make the Mass ‘cute’ for the kids. However,
    I’m not sure they’ve got a good idea of what this says to kids– even
    as a toddler I would have pegged this for condescension, for
    ‘dumbing down’ the Mass, and I would have resented it.

  12. I checked. The bunny is actually behind the ambo when it recites the prayers of the faithful. You can set your minds at ease. On the other hand, will there be bunnies in heaven? St. Thomas Aquinas thinks not (cf. Compendium theologiae).

  13. Are you sure that’s an Easter Bunny? Because he seems to be dressed like a lepruchaun. Do they celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Austria? If so, they seem to be combining both holidays in an unorthodox vestment!

  14. Surprised that they missed the chance for some liturgical dance; you know, the “Bunny Hop”?

  15. Somehow I knew, the moment I saw the photo, that this was in Austria. Pray for the Church there. I know the decay by having seen it firsthand (though the Diocese of St. Polten has perpetual adoration in the Cathedral).

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