Dec 262011

The Nigerian terrorist bomb attacks on Catholics that has killed at least 35 people while they attended Midnight Mass is another great tragedy and one that also occurred last year on Christmas Eve.

Yet the AP puts out a story with this headline.

Nigerian blasts mar pope’s Christmas peace appeal

Really? What the Hell.

First off they minimize the terrorist massacre by reducing it to “blasts” and then they connect it to the Pope’s Ubi et Orbi Christmas message.

…May the Lord come to the aid of our world torn by so many conflicts which even today stain the earth with blood. May the Prince of Peace grant peace and stability to that Land where he chose to come into the world, and encourage the resumption of dialogue between Israelis and Palestinians. May he bring an end to the violence in Syria, where so much blood has already been shed. May he foster full reconciliation and stability in Iraq and Afghanistan. May he grant renewed vigour to all elements of society in the countries of North Africa and the Middle East as they strive to advance the common good.

This is a despicable headline even for the AP and of course the same headline gets published all over the world with no newsrooms seeing a problem with it. The context of 35 people being murdered with scores injured while they attend Midnight Mass is that it “mars” the Pope’s message. I bet they consider it doesn’t “mar” the “Religion of Peace” since it always the fault of “extremists”. They can connect the dots to the Pope’s message, but can’t connect things actually connected-dot-worthy.

  3 Responses to “Connecting non-connecting dots”

  1. I’m shocked. Shocked! to find that PC-ness has infected the AP.

    This attack in Africa reminds me of the the Al-Kayda [Yes, it’s a phonetic spelling] terrorist attacks in Kenya and Tanzania back in the 1990’s, and the events afterward which culminated in 9-11.
    So more attacks are committed, again, in Africa. Only this time the targets are not government buildings or military, but churches. It’s worrisome to think what the target will eventually be this time in the US.

  2. Reminds me of the AP headline after Muslim mobs in Egypt stormed
    a Coptic Christian neighborhood, burnt three churches and killed
    dozens of Copts: “In Egypt, Clashes Erupt Between Muslims and
    Copts”. Makes it sound more like a rumble between the Jets and the
    Sharks, and less like the Kristallnacht it was.

  3. If a bomb reduced the National Basilica in DC to rubble, I bet the AP headline would read something like this: “Symbolic US Church Marred by Blast.”

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