Nov 102011

The rejection of Mississippi’s Proposition 26 known as the personhood amendment has resulted in a surprising decision by the Mississippi Supreme Court. In a case involving the question of recognizing corporations as juridical persons the court has decided that not only can corporations not be recognized as such but that the people of the state are also non-persons.

In a majority opinion written by Chief Justice William L. Waller, Jr. in part says “The scientific evidence clearly shows that there is no difference between a fetus and those who are born other than stage of development. Since the personhood of the unborn has been rejected by the voters it follows that the personhood of the voters themselves should also be rejected. We make this opinion fully aware of the consequences, but we must follow this precedence set. As the inhabitants of this state are now juridical non-persons they have no legal rights which apply to actual persons.”

This ruling is sending shockwaves through the state as the non-persons of Mississippi realize they have no legal rights to address this ruling or work to overturn it. Ms. M. T. Womb who voted against the amendment said “How dare they deny my personhood just because I denied the personhood of another.” The reaction by other former-voters has been equally strong.

The reaction in other states has been mixed. Some in the business community are enquiring into the possibility of raids into Mississippi in able to gather up non-persons to sell into slavery. Legal scholars are also debating the personhood status of a Mississippi resident on travel in regards to interstate laws. Pro-lifers who did not support this amendment could not be reached for comments.

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  4 Responses to “Personhood of Mississippi residents rejected”

  1. Ok, I’ll bite. I thought this was serious and I had to Google it.

  2. So are the members of the Mississippi Supreme Court, themselves human beings, members of the species homo sapiens, non-persons also?

  3. Hey Jeff, I’m collecting and posting Catholic humor now–this acid piece made the cut, if you want to see–

  4. Like Humpty Dumpty, apparently, the people of Mississippi make words mean whatever they want them to mean.

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