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There has been a lot of chatter in the last year about the direction the L’ Osservatore Romano has taken.   First there was the story on President Obama saying there were no radical changes in his first 100 days and no mention of his rescinding the Mexico City Policy in his first week.  Subsequently there have been other articles that have drawn criticism.  A film review of Avatar brought lots of attention along with a congratulations to The Simpson’s on their 20th anniversary.

People are wondering what is the point of all of this in the Vatican’s semi-official newspaper?  Most of this is due to the confusion of the newspaper as being an official voice for the Vatican. The film reviews and The Simpson’s congrats don’t really bother me – but now they have gone too far by releasing a list of the top ten rock and pop albums of all time:

  • The Beatles’ “Revolver”
  • Pink Floyd’s “The Dark Side of The Moon”
  • Oasis’ “(What’s the Story) Morning Glory?”
  • Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”
  • U2’s “Achtung Baby”
  • Fleetwood Mac’s “Rumours”
  • Donald Fagen’s “The Nightfly”
  • Carlos Santana’s “Supernatural”
  • Paul Simon’s “Graceland”
  • David Crosby’s “If I Could Only Remember My Name.”

Now obviously this is a highly subjective list.  Though certainly the L’ Osservatore Romano does not have the charism of infallible pop picks.  I mean come on, U2’s Achtung Baby over Joshua Tree or The Beatles’ Revolver over Sergeant Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band? Except for Pink Floyd’s album the other picks are questionable for my Desert Island album list.  But then again I am just a middle age head banger warped by the sixties on.

L’ Osservatore Romano really needs to write on the important things; like which is better Marvel or D.C. Comics? Better yet a papal encyclical on the subject.

Regardless I think people are going to be quite shocked at the new direction the L’ Osservatore Romano is taken.  In fact one of my readers from the Vatican City State leaked to me a cover from their next weekly issue.

L’ Osservatore Romano redone like Rolling Stone Magazine

  16 Responses to “The new L’ Osservatore Romano”

  1. The reference to The Simpsons is appropriate because when I read that list it reminded me of:

    Bart: “Dad! No one cares about any of your stupid dinosaur bands!”

  2. Lots of serious Beatles fans rate Revolver over Pepper.

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  4. Hey, why no mention of Wolfgang Mozart, Papa Benedict’s favorite?

  5. Great post. Loved it.

  6. The secret is out Jann Wenner is now the publisher, which would explain a lot.

  7. I’m with you iClaudius,

    Sgt Peppers is a relative embarrassment, I think.

    ‘Suprised Abba didn’t make the list (I jest). Most of those albums are embarrassing.

    Where’s Radiohead’s OK Computer? Huh, huh?


  8. We may know that L’Osservatore Romano does not have the charism of infallibility over pop music but the press doesn’t. One headline I saw said something like “Vatican releases official list of top pop albums,” like the list is now dogma. It would be so nice if the MSM would make even the barest attempt to understand the topics they write about.

  9. Jeez Louise, can you spell A-G-I-N-G-B-O-O-M-E-R? What a crappy list.

  10. Hey Jeff, I was trying to find your L-Mart blog post to share with my priest but when I go to the archives it comes up have hidden by your sidebar. Any way I can see that whole? I am trying to get my priest to get rid of the sand in our holy water font. Am using Father Z’s explanation but want to temper it with gentle humor. Can you help?

  11. Thank you! Will let you know if I succeed…..

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  13. no no Achtung baby is a landmark album it is massively produced and adds a sonic stage that Joshua tree just does not have. None the less its a news paper its not infallible and it is not the voice of the pope or the magesterium so what gives

  14. This is indeed pathetic. Any solo effort by Donald Fagen can hardly stand up to his work in Steely Dan. And Michael Jackson? Seriously, does ANYONE listen to him/her? Worst of all, no mention of Led Zeppelin? After all, if the official Vatican paper is going to venture into the murky underworld of pop culture, they might as well include the best rock group of all time. The untitled fourth album and Physical Graffiti at very least deserve to be on the list (or top it).

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