Feb 172004

Victor Lams posted a different picture of the same monk.

I laughed when I saw this yesterday. I think this picture could be used as a RAD TRAD detector. If placed in front of a someone and they start shivering and muttering something about Vatican II and then go into shock, you know there a RAD TRAD. This picture used in conjunction with the picture of the Pope watching Break Dancers perform could probably stun a RAD TRAD at 100 feet. As for me I like the idea of skate punk monk, as long as it isn’t during the liturgy.

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  1. It actually looks to me like a friar, not a monk, specifically one of the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal, to me.

  2. What is a RAD TRAD?

  3. RAD TRAD = Radical Traditionalist. Those that have joined groups like the SSPX that believe that Church has gone astray since Vatican II and some believe that their is no current valid pope or that the pope is someone other that John Paul II.

    This is not to be confused with traditionalist like those who have a love for the Latin Mass and wish that it was made more available. The major difference is obedience to the Church.

  4. Wow……and he’s doing that without those ridiculous baggy shorts I see most skaters wear.

  5. As Samuel indicates, he’s probably one of the CFRs, or as I call them, the Groeschellini. Thus an alternate title might be “Flying Friar”.

    Of course, with Franciscans one can never be quite sure from the picture alone which community they belong to: there are so many!

  6. I saw an interview with Stan Fortuna last night and one of the callers who called up was upset a little that the traditional church was being canned in favor of priests who rap, skate and overall make an effort to reach young people. “Is this where the church is heading? What happens to the traditional church?”

    So yeah … this might not only bother a RAD TRAD. It might bother some faithful to the Church trads as well.

  7. To those who care, he is Br. Pio Maria and he is a Franciscan Friar of the Renewal. I know this because he was a college roommate and household brother of mine, at Franciscan University. Brother Pio often uses his skateboard to reach the youth and it has proven to very effective.

  8. GO BRO!!!!!

  9. I was at the retreat – where the current Bro Pio – was touched by Christ. Ever since that day he was always able to reach “the outsiders” at all of the retreats he went to. God needs Christians everywhere and you can’t really ministers to outkasts and sk8s if you aren’t/weren’t one. Bro Pio is truely a light and has a knack for breaking down the walls that a normal guy like me could never do. He’s like a special forces commando, able to go and infultrate the deep enemy fortresses.

  10. I know Brother Pio from years ago when he had his birth name then. I used to spend time at his family’s house during college. He is a great teacher and a really amazing person. There is nothing wrong with sk8ing to spread the truth. It’s all part of his personality.

  11. I really know the brother since 1980 or so, I use to skate with him almost every day. He is one of the smartest and most talented persons I have ever meet. It goes to show that he could have went far in the skateboarding world, I think he has that he still spreads the word and can still rip one a board _)

  12. I don’t know why anyone would be upset about this. Tyson Hoffmann (Brother Pio Maria – soon to be Father Pio Maria) is the reason that I stayed in the Catholic Church and he is the reason that I love the Lord so much…as well as the reason I’ve chose my profession as helping poor children instead of making money working in the business world. This man loves the Catholic Church (as it is, including all of its Tradition) more than 99.9% of all Catholics I’ve met and that would be 14 years worth of caring about my faith.

  13. Hi, I realize this is an old posting originally, I first met Tyson when he was about 17 I think, I haven’t seen him since he was Br Pio Maria at an ordination in Louisiana. I am wondering if he is Fr Pio now? It should be soon. He is quite gifted in evangelization and really intense!!!

  14. Father Pio is my brother….a year younger than I am. He was on the road to becoming a proffessional skate boarder before he was touched by the spirit at 17yrs old and decided to become a priest. I hate that he is met with criticism for skating, rapping, breakdancing…but in the heart of Harlem it is a gift that helps him reach the youth. He currently runs a mens’ homeless shelter. I am very proud of him.

  15. I saw him at Source and Summit in Evansville, March 2009. He didn’t do skate tricks for us, but I think he’s awesome! Go Pio!

  16. I see people post here every few years to back up Fr. Pio, and I’ll chime in as well. I met Fr. Pio about 20 years ago when we were teenagers, not long after he had found his faith. He was a shining example of devotion even then, and no one was surprised when he became a friar and then a priest. I am going through RCIA now, after years of vacillation, and I can honestly say his devotion to the Church has been instrumental in my decision. All these years later he still calls me and offers a Mass for me on my birthday. I know this photo has caused him some embarrassment, because I think in general he would rather be remembered for his years of service to the poor and marginalized and his tireless dedication to God and the church than for ollying (is that how you’d spell it?) over some priests for some teenagers, but, you know…so goes life.

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