May 312018

Love this statue. It seems the only statues of Mary I ever see are the sorrowful ones. Certainly there is a place for this and to contemplate the sword that pierced her heart. Still I loved the imagery of the playful Mary in The Passion of the Christ and would like to see more such imagery.

An article about the Church of England using Alexa to spread “Christianity”.

  • Alexa, when did Anglican Orders become null and void?

Maureen at “Aliens in This World” post another of her interesting articles St. Leonides, the Father of Origen. Did not know his father was a martyr.

And in other saintly news. While I knew that there was an investigation into the life of G.K. Chesterton, apparently it could be moving forward. GK Chesterton’s sainthood cause may soon be opened.

I’ll leave you with a couple of my bad jokes.

  • My Mother’s sisters want me to go to Mass with them on Saturday evening. I declined since I want nothing to do with Vigil aunties.
  • I would see the new Star Wars movie, except for the fact that I know that the Council of Trent rejected Solo Script.

  2 Responses to “Here and There”

  1. Not too sure about Vigil aunties yet Solo Script was great as Linus in Peanutes would say. The blessings of Jesus upon you.

  2. Yay for the Chestertonians! They have really kept on this stuff.

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