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This version of The Weekly Francis covers material released in the last week from 16 January 2018 to 31 January 2018.

The Weekly Francis is a compilation of the Holy Father’s writings, speeches, etc which I also post at Jimmy Akin’s blog.



Papal Tweets

  • “I would like to invite everyone to promote a journalism of peace, a journalism created by people for people.” @Pontifex 24 January 2018
  • “The most radical antidote to the virus of falsehood is purification by the truth.” @Pontifex 24 January 2018
  • “Prayer allows us to see one another the way God our Father sees us, and to realize that we are brothers and sisters.” @Pontifex 25 January 2018
  • “Christian joy cannot be bought. It comes from faith and from meeting Jesus Christ, who is the reason for our happiness.” @Pontifex 26 January 2018
  • “Here we are, Lord, ashamed of what humanity, made in your image and likeness, is capable of doing. Remember us in your mercy.” @Pontifex 27 January 2018
  • “I pray for those who suffer from Hansen’s Disease and I encourage those who are committed to their care and reintegration into society.” @Pontifex 28 January 2018
  • “Through prayer we can enter into a stable relationship with God, the source of true joy.” @Pontifex 29 January 2018
  • “Goodness, together with love, justice and solidarity, are not achieved once and for all; they have to be realized each day.” @Pontifex 30 January 2018
  • “Jesus is our mediator, who reconciles us not only with the Father but also with each other.” @Pontifex 31 January 2018

Papal Instagram

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