Jan 232018

Eight years ago I posted on my favorite new podcast “A Good Story is Hard to Find”.

Eight years later Julie Davis from Happy Catholic and Scott Danielson a contributor to SFFaudio have kept the promise of their tagline “Two Catholics talking about books, movies, and the traces of ”one Reality“ they find there.”

I was invited on their show and am part of the recent episode of their podcast. As a book I picked A. Merritt’s “The Ship of Ishtar”, a sword and sorcery novel from 1924. Abraham Merritt was a wonderful writer and one of the best of the pulp era. This novel is an interesting take on a lost civilization across time using an avatar to bridge the six thousand years.

While we talked about his novel the conversation explored a number of topics. I had great fun participating.

Download or listen via this link: |Episode #174|

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