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So at Mass on Saturday morning I learned that my parish’s pastor had been named a bishop. I know little about him other that that I found his homilies quite worthwhile and that he has actively worked to include TLM going Catholics in the life of the parish. I attend the TLM at the St. Joseph historic church adjacent to the main church.

WASHINGTON (CNS) – Pope Francis has appointed Father Thanh Thai Nguyen, a priest of the Diocese of St. Augustine, Florida, to be an auxiliary bishop in the Diocese of Orange, California.

Born in Vietnam, Bishop-designate Nguyen, 64, fled the country in 1979 by boat with his family and spent 10 months in a refugee camp in the Philippines before arriving in Hartford, Connecticut, in 1980. After brief studies at Hartford State Technical College, he became a math and science teacher in Hartford public schools.

In 1984, he joined the Missionaries of Our Lady of La Salette, studying at Merrimack College and the Weston School of Theology, both in Massachusetts. He was ordained to the priesthood May 11, 1991.

For the next eight years, he worked in parishes in Georgia and Florida. In 1999, he was incardinated into the Diocese of St. Augustine. He has been pastor of St. Joseph Parish in Jacksonville, Florida, since 2014.

In 1979, Father Thanh and his family escaped Vietnam during the war. They fled by boat, and after 18 days at sea, they landed on the shores of the Philippines. He lived in a refugee camp for 10 months before moving to the United States in 1980.

“Father Thanh knows the plight of refugees, and he understands their journey seeking a safe home and the ability to support their families,” Bishop Estevez said in a statement. “He has a genuine gift when it comes to ministering to people of diverse cultures.”

“Now that reality is beginning to set in, I need to start the process of letting go and letting God,” said Bishop-designate Nguyen in a statement about his appointment. “Yes, letting go of familiar places, familiar faces, Bishop Estevez, the presbyterate of the diocese, parishioners, and staff of St. Joseph and Christ the King parishes who have played an important role in my priestly ministry for more than 20 years.


Father Thanh Thai Nguyen, a priest of the Diocese of St. Augustine, Florida, is seen in this undated photo. Pope Francis appointed him Oct. 6 to be an auxiliary bishop in the Diocese of Orange, California. (CNS photo/courtesy Diocese of St. Augustine) See POPE-AUXILIARY-ORANGE Oct. 6, 2017.

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  1. “He was ordained to the priesthood May 11, 1991.”

    Hey Jeff! When YA see him again please ask him to say a little prayer for all of my cells… Believe “IT” or not, sinner vic now tells me, me and me that everyone of our cells will have their own Galaxies if they stay true to GOD (Good Old Dad)… Long story short Jeff, don’t tell any spiritual bodies but in the early ninety, “I” had taken my fourth and last so called nervous brake down and had to stay for a weekend at our mental hospital in our City… It would have been a LOT longer but my wife later told me in so many words that she literally had to cry telling the female officer that she had promised that if she signed the papers to have me committed “IT” would only be for the weekend. Longer story shorter, back then, I had not slept for about a week… Sorry Jeff, that last first and second beer just put my mouth, “I” mean my typing fingers in gear…

    As “I” was suppose to say, I recall playing Santa for a couple of Vietnam me’s, “I” mean Vietnamese, “I” won’t mention their names but long story short, they came into Canada on a boat and eventually the father worked with my wife who are all retired now…

    Anyway, my wife asked me to play Santa for Christmas and how could I refuse because on occasions, I played guitar and sang for the seniors while being paid by “The Musician Association” of our City. I’ll never forget impersonating Santa on that occasion so well that these two children looked me in the eyes and said, “You’re not really Santa… Are YA?… Longer story shorter, although these two children were born in Canada, they never got to meet, the two out of four siblings who drowned at sea and……………………………………………………………………..and……………………………………………………………and…………………………….



    I hear YA! Don’t get Victor started!



    God Bless you and yours

  2. Gotta laugh a bit Vic. Gives me some peace of mind after the games people are playing with evil that are in the media. Bless be your family.

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