Aug 212014

I have complained in the past just how aesthetically awful so many Catholic websites are. There has certainly been progress, but most parish websites seem to have a design ethic older than the Church.

So it is with some pleasure to point out a site that is beautiful, easy to navigate, and renders nicely in multiple resolutions.

So thumbs way up for the new Word on Fire site.

Now maybe we should have a prayer campaign for the Vaticanโ€™s web designer(s).

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  1. In defense of most parish websites, they are often done by volunteers who are taking time away from legitimate business to keep things going, update registration forms and troubleshoot. Can you tell I speak from (my husband’s) experience? ๐Ÿ™‚

    That said, I feel sure the Vatican paid for their new terrible website. Word on Fire’s got a revenue stream as well.

    Guess I’m just saying let’s compare apples to apples. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Julie,

      I would agree to some extent and certainly most parish websites are done by volunteers. The problem really is one of priority and focus. No parish would let someone print there bulletin using a xerox machine, with out of date information, and not being printed each week. They make sure to have it done professionally and often to get local businesses to offset the costs via advertisement. The thing is they should consider there web site as either as important as the bulletin or more important. Protestant churches seem to understand this.

      Really it needs to be moved to the priority that it be handled professionally if they don’t have someone with the talent and the time to do it. Few parishes seem to have grasped this basic fact.

      • I completely agree. And it’s an argument my husband makes regularly. In point of fact though many parishes have money situations that don’t allow paying for website maintenance and so forth.

        I’m just saying you can’t compare the average parish to a money making organization like Word on Fire. They aren’t the same beast. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Also, having just gotten the time to go over to Word on Fire, “Proclaiming Christ in the Future” is completely lost in the other elements. It may be just my browser, Safari, but … ouch.

  3. ((( Word on Fire)))

    High Five Jeff!

    I’ve always liked Father Baron cause he’s always been for Proclaiming Christ and His Blessed Mother and that should be good enough for any of GOD Catholic Children.

    Long story short, The End could come before this comment is finished but then again, “IT” might take a Zillion years before “The End” “I” mean GOD’s Judgement comes for all of humanity”…

    There’s so much more that I want to say but i better leave “IT” for another “Time”…lol

    God Bless Peace

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