Mar 062013

The Vatican web site has long frustrated me as evidenced by my parody post back in 2005. There are plenty of things that drive me crazy about it especially the navigation and the fact that instead of using CSS they use table formatting for documents.

So I was a bit surprised to see shortly after the interregnum started to see a commemorative site for Pope Benedict XVI setup that for the most part was quite nice. They setup what looks like a physical book where you flip pages to see photographs with descriptive information that gives an overview of Pope Benedict XVI papacy.

Now the fact that they did this using the metaphor of a book in this case works out pretty well. Not all cases of skeuomorphism in design are bad. Really skeuomorphism has been used considerably in Catholic art and architecture. I was quite surprised when I viewed this on my iPad that the flipping of pages was done via smooth full animation where the page curl followed your finger as in the iBooks app. The same effect can be used with a mouse or on a desktop browser you could just click on the edge to advance through the pages or via the keyboard. This commemorative “book” really is quite nice, although I haven’t made it through all the pages without tears threatening to well up.

This would be quite awesome except for one thing. There was something odd about the design that I couldn’t quite put my finger on and Father Roderick pointed out exactly was wrong. The font used is Comic Sans. I am sure one of the anathemas for the Council of Trent was regarding Comic Sans, if not there should have been one. See Fr. Roderick’s meme graphic.

Now if they removed the Comic Sans and made this as an actual ebook I would buy it in an instant.

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  1. I agree…a beautiful book ruined by the sad font that is Comic Sans. Maybe there will be ab uproar and the font will be replaced by a more refined one like say, Times New Roman? :p

  2. Do not judge a book by its font. Haha. I couldn’t put my finger on it either.

  3. (((if not there should have been one.)))

    Not funny Jeff! We alien gods just spent about an hour explaining to Victor what skeuomorph mean and long story short this little retardo soul of his wants to go skete shooting NOW!

    Stop “IT” Jeff! Personally speaking we alien gods are sorry that we even took him out of high school. We gods gene U>S, my mean genius don’t usually admit when we make mistake butt in this case we must agree with his dad that we just should have left him finish his high school occupational two year course cause after all Jet row’s Clamp pets succeeded with his grade five education in your world NOW!

    What’s that YA say folks! Just ignore Victor!

    You guys are right! “I’M” just going to put my drink on and then he’ll be sorry for asking U>S gods all those silly questions NOW!

    Hey sinner vic! You want me to read this book here butt how do you gods expect me to turn these magical pages NOW?

    Go Figure! 🙂

    Who’s laughing, NOW? 🙁


  4. (((One step forward, two steps back)))

    Jeff! I honestly didn’t think that things were that bad when choosing a new Pope is concerned and would never have believed that we Christians were really moving “ONE” forward and “Three” back until I accidently clicked here, and then here

    Victor! Victor! Victor! That’s “LOVE” for YA! “IT” believes everything so YA better just listen to another Country song and by the way “IT” is only suppose to be two steps back until the alien gods take over NOW!

    Go figure! :*(


  5. I could put MY finger on it. If you’ve ever worked in any kind of design — graphic, interior, web, retail, packaging, whatever — Comic Sans is verboten. How anyone involved in that picked Comic Sans amazes me. Must have been a committee. Either that, or they LOVE Comic Sans in Italy.

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