Feb 182013

I get a fair amount of email from people hawking their projects. Most of them I find rather dubious and never get posted about. Sometimes though I get an apparent gem.

Here is a project from kathmedia in association with “The Aquinas Institute” (Wyoming).

In this “Year of Faith” kathmedia presents a catholic catechism like no other: The “3MC – 3 Minute Catechism”.

3MC consists of 72 hand drawn and animated episodes each 3–4 minutes long. Coming to you on 2 DVDs this series follows and explains the Creed adding in all four parts of the Catechism.

Easier and more difficult subjects are treated in separate episodes making 3MC a great introduction to the faith for the ages from 12 to 120.

Judging by one of the free episodes I previewed I really liked the quality of the presentation along with the content. While it was short it was not watered down and presented a complex question in easily understandable terms. The narration along with the animation worked well together to illustrate the point. I can’t speak for the whole series and how sound they are, but I really liked what I saw.

Here is the English version of the site and this page links to the German version and notes Italiano, Español, Français, Portugués versions are coming.

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  1. (((I get a fair amount of email from people hawking their projects. Most of them I find rather dubious and never get posted about. Sometimes though I get an apparent gem.)))

    Hey Jeff! For what “IT” is worth, I’ve given Victor a LOT of those Gem ya speak about butt his little retardo soul won’t fall, “I” mean accept any of “IT”. For example, I told Victor in a dream to call a few of his Television friendly cells to tell them to make a Bible show butt his soul and so called “Jesus” just passed “IT” UP. NOW! He’s passing UP another so called gut feeling that would make U>S filthy rich and long story short ya know how ya can say all kinds of things on the radio but unless you’re there in spirit, there’s no telling what the truth really is. Well you having been an atheist (spiritual “End gin here” soul cell) and NOW, a Catholic should know what “I’M” talking about so “I’M” going to talk to you about “IT” during (“He turn “IT” He”) if ya get what U>S godly cells are talking about, so if ya happen to get involved with these TV and Radio gods don’t say that you’ve heard about “IT” here if ya know what “I” mean cause we’re so happy Now and we don’t need that kind of “Happy” anymore so why should we godly cells tell some “ONE” what they should believe NOW? http://www.blogger.com/comment.g?blogID=18142394&postID=141737966278454133

    Hey sinner vic! Why don’t ya tell every “ONE” about the time you had a little Cash cells and gave some of “IT” to a Christians singer’s son?

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YcPW6R9yRzE Johnny Cash & Kris Kristofferson – Sunday Morning Coming Down

    Give “ME” back my (“I” dent “IT” he”) she cells back cause “I” don’t like a “Red Light” NOW!

    Go Figure! 🙂


  2. I’ll be glad when my spiritual secretary gets back from her Lentened holiday NOW!


    Give “IT” Time sinner vic!


  3. The video was good. If, however, they are calling it the 3 minute catechism, it’s should be 3 minutes!

  4. Is belief the same as faith? Watching the video with the thoughts/prejudices of a non-believer or reluctant-believer in mind, some viewers of this video might find their suspicions/fears confirmed: that belief (like opinion) is a merely human intellectual action and that such “belief” is all that we mean by “faith”. It is “certain” in the sense that a person feels “certain” about it and will base their life on it, but not “certain” in a way that is different in kind from mere opinion.

    Is “faith” something more? Is my “belief” in God – my intellectual action of “belief” based on, for instance, Pascal’s wager – all that we mean by “faith”? Where does a relationship with God come in? Clearly “belief” and “faith” are sometimes used interchangeably – should they be? What is faith as distinct from opinion or the mere human intellectual act of “believing”?

    I’m always interested in hearing some of these very minor, nuanced distinctions expressed in the interest of clarification and precision of our language. I’d love to hear your take!

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