Jan 102013

Oh did I say the Dalai Lama?

An electricity company in New Zealand is lighting up the media worldwide with a four-story billboard painting that shows a smiling Pope Benedict XVI blessing a mixed race gay couple, at a time when New Zealand’s parliament is considering whether to legalize same-sex marriage. (source)

Well I say fight the power! It is rather shocking in the current time and we must offer resistance to this volt fraud.

Note: Dalai Lama on homosexual acts

  6 Responses to “Power company ridicules Dalai Lama’s stance on same-sex marriage”

  1. Have you ever thought about amping up your blog with puns or humor?

  2. Ohm my goodness. I suppose you think that’s punny; you’re such a live wire!

  3. Ohm, wire are you using such terrible puns?

  4. (((We live in a world that has embraced freedom and equality. If something’s working for you and it’s not hurting anyone else, then we support your right to do it))

    Hey Victor! How come ya kept U<S from commenting here?

    STOP "IT" sinner vic cause ya know that ya own 92% of my happy spiritual cells so stop throwing blame around.

    OK Victor! Let's just blame that "ONE" per sense, I mean 1% spiritual soul of yours that doesn't really exist anyway.:)


    Not funny anymore sinner vic! 🙁


  5. Ad seems a little frivolous.. I would think an energy company would be more grounded

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