Dec 202012

From The Life with GQ blog.

GIVING and RECEIVING Holiday Giveaway is UNDERWAY!

GIVING: If you are able to, please consider donating a Walmart or Target eGift Card (anywhere from $5 to $20) for this holiday giveaway. To do this, leave a comment below indicating that you are “giving” and how much you are able to give. I will then send you the email address of someone in need when it becomes available.

RECEIVING: For those in need, simply leave a comment below (anonymous or not) telling something briefly about yourself and which gift card would be the most helpful for you. I will pass on your email information if there are participants on the giving end. Do not leave your email addresses in the comment section as I already have access to them.
This giveaway will run from now until Christmas. I will be “pearing” participants up (hence those pears up there) as they become available.

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  1. […]  I’m not familiar with either one of these bloggers but The Jester gave this giveaway its own post!  How cool is that?  And The Anchoress inserted a link to the giveaway in a post titled, […]

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