Nov 122012

Here is a nice overview of some of the proposed changes to the Divine Office put forward during the semi-annual meeting of the USCCB.

Now since I am already using the Revised Grail Psalms for the Liturgy of the Hours via an iPad app it won’t be too major of a change for me. Regardless I hope they do address the “Glory Be.” I have heard questions about the “World without end” many many times on Catholic radio so I would certainly like to see a better translation of “In saecula saeculorum.”

  4 Responses to “Possible Breviary revisions”

  1. … as it was in the begining, is now and ever shall be through all ages of ages. Amen.

  2. Jeff, Which app are you using for the breviary? And I hope you had a nice Veterans Day. Thank you for your service.

  3. Hasn’t “world w/o end” been around forever? The Maronite church tends to use “Now and forever.” “Ages of ages” just doesn’t do well in English. Suggestions?

  4. Nick,

    Usually I use Universalis. There app is pricey, but has many options allowing with not having to download additional content. At other times I use iBreviary.

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