Nov 082012

So there is a new a new Archbishop of Canterbury – Rt. Rev. Justin Welby. Really being the Archbishop of Canterbury should be one of the Dirty Jobs that Mike Rowe tries out. This job is like striding across a fault line during an earthquake with two sides continuing in opposition and trying to maintain balance.

Fr. Dwight Longenecker has his analysis which is quite interesting.

  2 Responses to “New Archbishop of Canterbury”

  1. Actually, 3 sides. There are the almost-Presbyterians, the almost-Catholics, and the almost-Pagans. The three sides exist because Anglicanism likes to keep things vague so all three sides can believe they’re practicing the same faith.

    Like someone trying to put a bed spread on a bed too big for the bed spread, if you try to tighten things up so that one side gets excluded (e.g. almost-Pagans), the one of the other sides also gets excluded (either almost-Catholics or almost-Presbyterians). If it weren’t so tragic, it would really be quite comical.

  2. Technically, there really isn’t a new Archbishop of Canterbury– unless I missed it in the Bolletino.

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