Sep 182012

* Poster is from my post Recruiting posters for the Church Militant

  2 Responses to “St. Joseph of Cupertino”

  1. I like “IT” Jeff!

    Where do I enroll to take this course? Mind ya, I still don’t read my Bible daily but “I” do have a two year occupational course which I took in the early 60’s. I must confess that I did fail the first year and was not allowed to be on the school concil when I repeated “IT” but the good news is that sinner vic who owns 92% of my spiritual reality cells still got me a government job as a Queen’s printers before I even finished my grade ten so that must count for something?

    I hear ya! Well I guess no body can argue that you’re not a full fledge skitso Victor!

    Let’s be honest Jeff and tell your readers that I’ve closed both of my skitso blogs and I’m not sure if I’ll ever start another “ONE” again so do you think that will hurt me, myself and iii’s chances of ever becoming a “Saint”?

    We’ll talk about “IT”. Go Figure!? 🙂


  2. Uh, Victor, you okay? Please don’t skip your meds anymore.

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