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Rorate Caeli has a story of Hans Küng declaring Benedict XVI schismatic over the issue of the possible SSPX unification.

Now while Hans Küng is somewhat of an expert on disobedience, heresy, and schism somehow I think he got this one wrong. Yeah what a surprise. He pins all this on the extremely debatable point that the Bishops and Priests of the SSPX were “definitely invalidly ordained.” Well not really debatable just plain Bravo Sierra. So I guess according to Mr. Küng attempts at ordaining women by a range of suspects are all valid, but the Bishops and Priest of the SSPX weren’t.

This is a kind of a “I’m rubber you’re glue, if I’m a schismatic than so are you.”

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  1. Thus spoke the umlaut.

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  4. Jeff I would first like to apologize for sinner vic cause as most know, some of his so called writing cells can often go too far and between you, me, myself and i, he’s just a ficments of my imagination, in other words these 93% spiritual cells of our soul and spirit are nothing butt schismatic and the sooner they learn that they’re with U>S (usual sinners) or against U>S, the better this temple, “I” mean body of Victor will be if ya get my drift? Go Figure!

    Victor! Victor! Victor! Without U>S and our alien gods, you are nothing at all and the sooner you learn that we own this world, with the aliens help that is, the better off humanity will be. What’s wrong with and while at “IT” why won’t your pope allow woman in the priesthood has would probably agree that “MEN” as miss treated them! I ask ya, how many moore heads must role? All I’ve left to say Victor is that you so called Katholics, “I” mean catholics better smarten UP before “IT” is to late cause if ya get my driftttttttttttttttt?

    That will be enough out of ya sinner vic!

    In closing, Jeff for what “IT” is worth, if we 7% of God’s Children ever decide not to follow His Holiness then these 93% imaginary cells of ours will keep you in mind and who knows, you might even become our Queen “B”! 🙂


  5. Ex corde Kung

  6. Roses are red,
    violets are blue,
    I don’t follow the rules,
    and neither should anyone else because really what are they but a limit on our creative expression?

  7. Speaking of disobedience, heresy, and schism:

    The Vatican says it has detained a person suspected of leaking a series of confidential documents and letters to the media.

    Reports citing unnamed sources said he was the Pope’s personal butler.

    The “Vatileaks” scandal, as it is known, has enraged the Holy See. The leaks have revealed alleged corruption, mismanagement and internal conflicts.

  8. So the vatican is managed by human beings with failings and yet in 2 millenia of “mismanagement” it hasn’t imploded in on itself yet. Wonder why?

    Maybe Josephus had a point?

  9. So the vatican is managed by human beings with failings and yet in 2 millenia of “mismanagement” it hasn’t imploded in on itself yet.

    No, that is true, the Vatican is certainly a remarkable study in survival, it’s really in many ways the last piece of Ancient Rome refusing to “fall”.

    But then again it’s situated in the Eternal City so I suspect location has much to do with it and of course it’s not the only religious institution to survive the centuries so it may be more a comment on that general phenomenon rather than a specific expression.

    At any rate it’s telling how the Vatican will shift from being a font of holy wisdom and sacred direction to a bunch of guys doing a job. Once again the pick and choose nature of theism suggests its unreality.

    Oh and I thought the Pope was infallible? He’s perfect it’s just he’s surrounded by loonies, crooks and fools?

    Tell me, was everything the Vatican has done over the last 2,000 years part of Jesus / your god’s perfect plan? The wars, genocides, corruption and child abuse?

    >Maybe Josephus had a point?

    Maybe, what did he say?

  10. Once again mr salvage shows his ignorance of catholicism. And unfortunately Puff is not helping.
    “The Vatican” is a fairly recent institution and the “management” of the human organization around the Catholic Church has collapsed, been restructured and rebuilt more than once. It’s the Catholic Church that is 2000 years old (or more, if we include its Jewish roots). Anyone unfamiliar with the difference may want to read about it, starting from the Catechism.
    And no, the Vatican is not the font of holy wisdom, and no the Pope is not infallible in everything.
    I am saying this not for salvage, who does not seem to be interested in testing or improving his knowledge, but for those who may read this and think he has a point.
    God bless you, mr salvage, for giving us so many opportunities to clarify key points of the catholic faith.

  11. And I am not sure of what Puff is referring to when mentioning Josephus, but probably he means Gamaliel. In that case Acts 5: 34-39 will explain what he means.

  12. Oh and how many butlers did Jesus have? It’s weird for a religion whose god / demigod preached poverty it’s leadership has wealth that would make Pontius Pilate look like a hobo in a shack.

  13. And, again for those who are willing to look into issues, how much wealth do these people have and what do they do with it?
    BTW, Jesus rebuked Judas for a similar complaint.

  14. The fact that the Vatican, and the Catholic Church, survive does not mean that God will not judge their leaders. The history of both is filled with corruption, malfeasance and malevolence. Let’s stop making excuses and start holding people who claim to be “apostolic successors” to those claims.

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