Apr 062012

Logos Bible Software continues to add great stuff for Catholics:

Logos Bible Software is pleased to announce the first-ever English translation of Aquinas’ Commentary on the Prophet Isaiah.

Thomas Aquinas is most well known as a scholastic theologian and philosopher, having pioneered the practice of systematic theology in the church. He also wrote over 20 commentaries and biblical works, including five sustained treatments of Old Testament books. Among these, his Commentary on the Prophet Isaiah has never been translated.

Key Features

  • The first and only English translation of Aquinas’ Commentary on the Prophet Isaiah
  • Insight into Aquinas’ theology and exegesis
  • Penned by one of the most influential philosophers and theologians

Individual Titles

  • Commentary on the Prophet Isaiah
  • In Isaiah prophetam expositio

A New Approach to Translation Projects

By using the Pre-Pub process for this project, we will only invest resources into translating Commentary on the Prophet Isaiah if there is sufficient demand. As the scope of the project becomes clearer, the price might increase, such as when we announce the translator and we begin the work of translation. This means users who pre-order early will get the best price.

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