Mar 192012

I have come to the opinion that Obama can really best be described as the Planned Parenthood President.  You don’t have to look very far to understand how he administrates and it comes down to What Would Planned Parenthood Do (WWPPD).  It makes no difference between federal or foreign policy you find exactly the same key to understanding all actions.  Whether it was  pressure on Kenya to include abortion in their new constitution or the infamous HHS mandate it always comes down removing all limits on abortion.  There is none of the Clinton obfuscation of “safe, legal, and rare” since just legal is good enough. We already knew he was the most pro-abortion President in history from day one and so this comes as no surprise.

From just a political point of view the narrowness of the religious exemption in the HHS mandate makes no sense pragmatically for a president up for election. But if you are the Planned Parenthood President than it makes perfect sense.  Just use Planned Parenthood as a lens and everything becomes clear.

Headlines like Obama Admin OKs Using Aborted Babies’ Brains in Lab Tests are to be expected from the Planned Parenthood President. The Planned Parenthood President picked for himself what could also be called the Planned Parenthood Cabinet as the only litmus test for his administration seemed to be militantly pro-abortion and of course not paying their taxes.


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  1. He does appall me. I’m curious Jeff, have you always been pro-life?

  2. Thanks. I’m always curious about conversion processes so I might better converse with those who have different opinions than I do. In my case, the Churches teachings on life, esp. contraception and abortion kept me anchored when I had tons of other doubts. I knew the Catholic Church was right on that one issue, so maybe there was truth about other matters 😉 I’m glad God’s gift of life gave you a change of heart.

  3. I’m sure we all have things to answer for on Judgement Day however Obama takes the cake. He will have to answer for all those souls he helped to murder.

  4. It also makes sense when you think about how many of his own children he may have aborted. Remember, he wouldn’t want his own daughters to be “punished with a child”. Poor Michelle.

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