Feb 182012

I had recently read Roots of the Reformation by Fr. Karl Adam who was a German Catholic theologian.  I had heard many good things about this book and found it very insightful and an excellent read.  Thus I moved on to another book of his The Spirit Of Catholicism.

This was unbelievably good with a unique viewpoint.  As a general canvas of the Church and her doctrines while it has some apologetic tone to it, mostly it has a theological viewpoint that looks at the Church on a deeper level.  It was one of those books I was tempted to highlight every page.  If I hadn’t read the ebook version I could have saved myself time by just dipping the book in highlighter yellow.  I just so enjoyed how he wrote on the papacy and it’s connection to love or how the Church is permeated with Christ and united to him.  Just such a rich book with much to reflect on.

I found this book on EWTN’s document library.

Since I created an eBook from the text on EWTN’s site I provide it here:



Update: Due to a request here is a copy of “Roots of the Reformation” which was also available in EWTN’s document library.



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  1. Jeffrey – thanks so much for this! I, too, have just discovered these two books by Adam. I work at a University and the library has both in dead-tree format, but I saw them both on EWTN. I am downloading the one you converted to Kindle format; do you think, since you clearly know what you are doing, you could do the same for the “Roots of the Reformation” one?

    Tried to type the Greek letters in but the captcha is just a picture 🙂

    You can e-mail me at:








  2. Hmm… The link called “Kindle” above is still to the .epub version. I am using the Windows app for Kindle. Can’t see how to use it to open the .epub version. Do you have a .mobi version?


  3. Thank you for this.

  4. Thank you

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