Nov 262011

This is the second volume of The Weekly Benedict ebook which is a compilation of the Holy Father’s writings, speeches, etc which I pull from Jimmy Akin’s The Weekly Benedict.

I have learned some things since the first volume as far as formatting goes.  For one the Vatican still uses tables for formatting of documents.  Yikes!  So just grabbing the text from the Vatican is not suitable for ereaders since you want the text to wrap at the screen resolution and not the Vatican’s table element size.  So now I run the Vatican document through Safari Reader, copy it to TextEdit and export as html and finally import into Sigil.  Though now that I know the workflow to use it will be easier to publish this each week.

The Weekly Benedict – Week of 26 November, 2011 – ePub

The Weekly Benedict – Week of 26 November, 2011 – Kindle

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  1. Thanks for making this available, works nicely to push on the link to save- then open in iBooks on my iPad!

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