Nov 262011

Six years ago I decided to create my own Advent Wreath graphic instead of just using the normal animated gif that I used previously. If you would like it for your own blog you can use the html code below which uses some homepage server space that won’t effect the bandwidth for my blog. I will replace the graphic each week so that it correctly shows the number of candles that should be lit. On Christmas I will change it to another graphic I created for Christmastide.

Additionally underneath my Advent graphic on my left side I have created a JavaScript that gives a countdown to Christmas. If you want to do the same thing you can insert this script into your blog template with the following code underneath where you place the graphic. Though users would be out of luck since they don’t allow JavaScript.

  6 Responses to “My Annual Advent Service”

  1. Thank you for providing this Advent Wreath. I alway love adding it to my blog.

  2. I always look forward to adding this graphic to my ‘blog. Thank you for all your talents and contributions.

  3. Thank you for this wreath! God bless!

  4. Thank you for the wreath and countdown. It wouldn’t be the same on the blogosphere without it.

  5. Thanks Jeff. The Curt Jester Advent Wreath is the official kick off of the season for me.

  6. It wouldn’t be Advent proper without the Curt Jester Advent wreath, THANKS!!!!!!

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