Nov 252011

Last night was the premiere of the CatholicTV sitcom “Mass Confusion” staring Greg and Jennifer Willits along with Mac and Katherine Baron. As a long time fan of what was the Rosary Army podcast and now “The Catholics Next Door” on Sirius Radio and long with “Catholics in a Small Town” podcast I was quite aware of the comedic and other talents of these two couples.

So I watched their pilot episode last night which can also now be viewed at any time.

There was much to like about this show. For one the script writing was quite good and there was much to cause me to laugh out loud. It had the feel of a mixture of a reality show and a sitcom. The lack of laugh track and the video is what gave it the reality TV aspect as if you were following along with these two couples during an event of their lives. There was the Catholic theme of being open to life, but this is not a beat you to death with a Catholic them type of show. Though being that this is on CatholicTV that this is the audience for the show, but I think it open for a more general audience.

As a great believer in the importance of professional quality for Catholic media there was much that I liked about “Mass Confusion”. Though there is also much room for improvement towards professional quality. The reality show feel is mixed in that the audio and video work was not up to the quality we have come to expect. The scripting and the natural chemistry of the Willits and Baron families along with their kids is the strength of this show. This show is an attempt at creating a Catholic sitcom and to see if it could receive the support necessary to make it viable for CatholicTV to support. I certainly hope it does receive the attention and support it needs since I think it is quite worthwhile.

  4 Responses to “Mass Confusion”

  1. Jeff, appreciate you taking the time to watch and share your opinions. They mean a great deal to us all.

  2. My biggest suggestion is to pick up the pace a little. I think a little quicker pace would make a major difference.

  3. This was actually pretty funny.

  4. Okay, I left that last comment in the middle of the episode. Now that I’ve seen the whole thing, wow. Much, much better than it has a right to be given that you don’t have access to fancy sound and production. I’m anxious for the next episode. You all look like you’re having a lot of fun.

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